In general, recruiters will speak with candidates to get multiple available time slots and record the information in their notes. The Recruiter will next obtain the list of interviewers, filter the list based on skills, and contact a number of interviewers to determine which slot is appropriate and add it to their notes.

The recruiter will then write or copy and paste a prepared interview schedule email, add the email addresses of the candidates and interviewers, and send it. Finally the recruiters will check in to see if the schedule is still on track.

Interview Scheduling is a tedious process that consumes at least 20-30 mins of time for scheduling one interview. Scheduling interviews manually will slow down the hiring of the candidates, the cost of hiring is increased and delayed productivity.

The scheduling story is the same within InterviewDesk also.

A boon to manual scheduling is Auto-Scheduling making hiring 5X faster.

scheduling the Interviews

What does an Auto-Scheduler do?

Our Auto-Scheduler makes your job easy in scheduling the Interviews without the hassles of getting back and forth. Auto-Scheduler sends email requesting time slots to candidates and interviewers and when the slots are provided, it identifies the compatible slots of both interviewers and candidates and matches them.

Then it creates the interview session link which contains both code collab and video & chat communication capabilities. Then it sends the email invite to all the stakeholders. This makes the scheduling process simpler and makes hiring faster and better.

Candidate Experience is also improved when the interviews are scheduled in their flexible time.

Customised Interview Services

You Source, We Interview: (When Clients gives Candidate Resumes)

When the recruiters create the job profile, the skilled interviewers suitable for the job are identified. The Auto Scheduler will check whether the time slots for those interviewers are available? If there are not enough slots, the auto scheduler will send email with the link to add time slots to the interviewers

When the recruiters upload the resumes in the portal, the system will automatically send the emails to the candidates to add the slots.

When the slots are added by the candidate, the auto scheduler will get the interviewers time slot suitable for the candidate provided slots. If the available slots are found, then the next steps process of creating the interview session and sending the email invite to candidate and interviewers and coordinators and recruiters will be done.

AI Interview Scheduling

Not so happy scenarios

  • Recruiter already talked to the candidate and got the interview slots. Then the recruiter can add the time slots directly into the candidate availability page. This is to speed up the process.
  • During some weird & corner cases, where the emails got missed or automatically sending request availability email failed, then the Recruiter can manually trigger the email to request availability from the candidate availability page.
  • In some cases, recruiter is not available to handle the #1 and #2, the internal coordinator team will be notified. The internal coordinator will have the capability to add time slots and trigger the request availability emails.
  • If there are not suitable time slots available to schedule the interview, the notification will be sent to the internal coordinator team, they will talk to both the interviewers and candidates to identify the time slots and schedule it immediately.
  • In some cases, the candidates or interviewers do not have access to emails to provide the time slot but available via call, the internal coordinators will have ability to add the time slots in the system to trigger the auto scheduler.
auto schedule interview

Advantages in using our auto-scheduler:

  • The time slot page is optimized for mobile screens, candidates or interviewers can open their email from the mobile phone itself.
  • The UI is designed to make it easy for users to provide slots with just clicks.
  • In order to avoid the friction, users are not required to login to provide the available time slots. Our application has the efficiency to identify them.
  • All email communication is automated. Reduces efforts and pain points from manually calling and collecting slots.
  • Multiple slots of interviewers are available to schedule interviews at a faster rate.
  • Elevates hiring 5X faster.
  • Better Candidate Experience.
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