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Navigating the challenges of interview preparation and job hunting can be overwhelming, but we’re here to make it easier. Discover how we can truly assist you in achieving your career goals.

How the Process Functions:

  • Schedule mock interviews at your convenience.
  • Engage in virtual sessions with experienced interviewers, including senior engineers from FAANG and other prestigious firms, all while maintaining full anonymity.
  • Receive comprehensive, actionable feedback tailored to pinpoint the areas that need improvement, helping you secure the job you truly deserve.

Choose from a Roster of 2000+ Expert Interviewers

At InterviewDesk, we boast a talent pool of over 2000 seasoned interviewers, each hailing from diverse domains such as Product, SaaS, Fin-Tech, Enterprise Tech, and beyond. They’re readily available on-demand to facilitate mock interviews. Our interviewers take the time to understand your specific needs during a calibration call and, based on their availability, they will conduct your mock interview, ensuring a personalized experience.

The Mock Interview Experience

When it’s time for your selected mock interview to begin, our expert panel will guide you through the process. Our platform is equipped with a comprehensive suite of tools, including the Code Collaborator, Whiteboard, and Draw tool, all tailored to assess your coding abilities. Anticipate your mock interview to span approximately 45 minutes to an hour, delivering a comprehensive and illuminating evaluation.

Actionable Insights

At the conclusion of each session, you’ll receive a thorough evaluation of your strengths and areas for improvement, provided by a senior engineer with experience making hiring decisions at FAANG companies.

Self-Assess Your Interview

Your answers are auto-recorded for post-interview self-assessment. Watch to see how you performed and identify strengths and areas for improvement. Get a firsthand view of how you presented yourself during the interview. This insightful playback lets you identify your strengths, pinpoint areas that may require improvement, and gain a better understanding of your overall interview performance.

Key Features

✔️ 45 mins to 1 Hr 1:1 mock interview session     ✔️ Interviews by Industry Experts

✔️ Detailed & Genuine feedback     ✔️ Interview Recording & Detailed Feedback






Expert Panel



You are getting

6 benefits on taking Mock Interview

Build Interview Confidence

We’re here to help you build your interview confidence. We provide you with all the tools and expert guidance you need to master your interview skills quickly, ensuring you walk into your interview with confidence.

Get Hired Faster

InterviewDesk’s simulator is optimized to help you master your interview skills in the most efficient way possible. By practicing with our experts, you’ll be prepared to ace the interview in no time, increasing your chances of getting hired faster.

Accelerate Career & Earn More

Master the art of interviewing by practicing it, just like you practice your trade. Our mock interviews not only help you land the job but also give your career a significant boost, potentially leading to higher earning potential.

Land Your Dream Job

Gain realistic interview experience through our platform and master the skills you need to wow your prospective employers. Stand out from the competition and turn your dream job into a reality.

Realistic Interview Experience

Our mock interviews provide a realistic, real-world interview experience. This invaluable practice allows you to gain the confidence and expertise needed to impress potential employers.

Expert Insights

Receive feedback and insights from industry experts. Learn from the best to ensure you’re well-prepared for the actual interview, making you a top candidate for the job you desire.

Supported integrations

InterviewDesk integrates with the applications you love to use. It takes minutes and your customer success platform is ready to go!

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