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Reducing Organizational Recruitment Costs Through Pre-Vetted Candidates

Let us do the vetting for you with our expert panel

Our Recruiting Team Delivers Pre-Qualified, Interview-Ready Candidates who are Eager for Their Next Opportunity

Save time by interviewing pre-vetted candidates

Businesses across industries choose InterviewDesk’s pre-screened candidates to easily spot highly skilled individuals who were previously elusive on job boards. This approach grants them swift access to the ideal candidates, ultimately saving precious time in the hiring process.

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Why us?

The World is Evolving—And So is the Way You Hire!

Why waste countless hours searching for and evaluating candidates when there’s a more convenient solution?

Your Needs, Our Priority:

Share the positions you’re recruiting for, and we’ll match you with the perfect candidate.

Unparalleled Vetting:

Our candidates undergo a rigorous FAANG-level assessment, coupled with a thorough evaluation of their soft skills and cultural compatibility.

Swift Hiring:

Discover and onboard new talent swiftly, without the burden of compliance issues and hidden costs.

Our Approach to Uncovering and Evaluating Top Talent

Unearth the Best Talent Through Our Rigorous Evaluation Process – See How We Identify, Screen, and Assess Exceptional Candidates to Elevate Your Team.

Save Time by 70%

Imagine reclaiming 70% of the time you spend on the hiring process. With InterviewDesk’s Pre-Assessed Candidates, we take care of the heavy lifting. Our team of experts conducts interviews, administers skill and language testing, and runs background checks and employment verifications, ensuring you get the right person for your team. You focus on the final round and the offer letter while we handle the rest.

Expert Panels

We believe in delivering excellence, and our rigorous vetting process is a testament to that commitment. All our candidates go through a comprehensive evaluation by our expert panels. Our interviews, skill assessments, background checks, and employment verifications are designed to identify the cream of the crop. We only accept the best, and we encourage you to do the same.


Our vetting process is so precise that we stand by it with a guarantee. On average, for every five candidates we submit for a job, our clients hire one to two. That’s a remarkable 5:2 submit-to-hire rate, far surpassing the industry average of 25:1. We pride ourselves on delivering quality over quantity.


Hiring can be an expensive process, from posting job listings to conducting multiple interviews. InterviewDesk’s Pre-Assessed Candidates offering not only saves you time but also reduces your recruitment costs. By streamlining the hiring process and delivering pre-assessed candidates, you can make a significant impact on your recruitment budget.

Discover Your Ideal Candidates in 4 Easy Steps

Unlock the Power of Pre-Assessed Global Talent with InterviewDesk.

Share Your Needs:

Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll get in touch to understand your requirements.

Access Vetted Profiles:

We’ll kickstart the process of candidate discovery, assessment, aligning them with your specific needs.


Save valuable time by interviewing only the top candidates handpicked for you.

Start Your Journey:

Conduct the final interview round and extend the offer to hire your perfect candidate.

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