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Comprehensive Candidate 360° Feedback Report

Unlocking Interview Details, Technical Proficiency, Video Records, Question Responses, and Code Mastery

Unlocking Interview Details, Technical Proficiency, Video Records, Question Responses, and Code Mastery

Unlocking Interview Details, Technical Proficiency, Video Records, Question Responses, and Code Mastery

Comprehensive Candidate 360° Feedback

360° view of candidates

InterviewDesk brings your candidates data that exists in various sources into one single view making it easier for recruiters.

Make More Informed Choices in Less Time!

We believe in maximizing your efficiency. That’s why we blend candidate feedback with AI-based insights, making the process of creating precise interview reports a breeze. Join the ranks of thousands of organizations who choose InterviewDesk as their preferred online On-Demand Interview Provider. Spend less time on reports and more time making the decisions that matter!

Candidate Feedback

3 Types of Overall Recommendations

Not Recommended: Indicates areas needing significant improvement, highlighting gaps in skills or compatibility for the role.

Partial Recommendation: Suggests potential, acknowledging strengths while identifying specific areas for further development or exploration.

Recommended: Strongly endorses the candidate, signifying an excellent fit for the role, demonstrating exceptional skills and proficiency.

Rating Candidate Based on Skills

Skill Based Rating

With a skill-based 5-star rating system, you can easily identify a candidate’s strengths and areas needing improvement. This feature allows recruiters to pinpoint strong and weak skills, enabling a more comprehensive understanding of a candidate’s capabilities, aligning them better with job requirements.

Technical Charts

Our innovative donut chart ratings showcase technical skills at a glance. Effortlessly comprehend a candidate’s proficiency in various technical domains, allowing recruiters to make informed decisions swiftly. Simplify your assessment process and gain deeper insights into candidate capabilities with InterviewDesk’s intuitive donut chart ratings.

Technical Charts

Overall Feedback

While candidates shine in technical and behavioral assessments, some complex questions might go partially unanswered due to time constraints or specific knowledge gaps. This feature offers you a comprehensive view, highlighting strengths and pinpointing areas for further exploration, empowering your hiring decisions with comprehensive insights.

Code Snippet

Receive and assess candidate-generated code separately after the interview, ensuring a quick and efficient review of code quality. Simplify your evaluation process with our seamless code snippet feature.

Checking Candidate's Code Snippet on our platform
AI Interview Transcription

AI Interview Transcription

Capture Every Detail effortlessly! Our advanced AI technology transcribes the entire interview, ensuring you never miss a crucial moment. Receive a comprehensive transcript separately after the interview, empowering you to make well-informed decisions and secure the right candidate for the job.

Video Recording

InterviewDesk’s reports have been a turning point for our customers, as they allow you to understand a candidate’s technical aptitude and problem-solving skills in depth. All interviews are recorded, and reports are generated within 5 minutes of the interview.

Supported integrations

InterviewDesk integrates with the applications you love to use. It takes minutes and your customer success platform is ready to go!


How does InterviewDesk integrate with SuccessFactors and what role does it play in optimizing the SuccessFactors ATS for recruitment teams?2024-06-24T15:57:32+05:30

InterviewDesk’s integration with SuccessFactors enhances the candidate experience by incorporating video interviewing tools, providing a comprehensive solution for talent acquisition.

What features does InterviewDesk offer to SmartRecruiters users, and how does it amplify the functionalities of this recruiting ATS?2024-06-24T15:56:44+05:30

InterviewDesk offers SmartRecruiters users advanced video interviewing tools, creating a more sophisticated hiring platform and streamlining the recruitment process.

How customizable are InterviewDesk’s feedback reports?2024-06-24T15:45:09+05:30

Elevate your recruitment process with InterviewDesk’s customizable feedback reports, allowing you to identify key performance indicators and make objective hiring decisions.

How can I get started with InterviewDesk to improve my hiring outcomes?2024-06-24T15:35:39+05:30

Experience hassle-free hiring with InterviewDesk by leveraging our experienced interview experts, gaining access to comprehensive reports for a smarter way to hire.

How can InterviewDesk improve my overall recruitment process?2024-06-24T15:32:25+05:30

Unlock key insights to enhance your hiring process, from requisition status to candidate diversity, with InterviewDesk’s data-driven approach.

What visual tools does InterviewDesk offer for data presentation?2024-06-24T15:31:58+05:30

InterviewDesk replaces traditional spreadsheets with visual dashboards and interactive reports, offering complete data visibility for better decision-making.

How does InterviewDesk contribute to making smarter hiring decisions?2024-06-24T15:31:33+05:30

By providing data-driven reports, InterviewDesk enables recruiters to make informed and intelligent hiring decisions, optimizing the hiring process.

Can InterviewDesk expedite the candidate shortlisting process?2024-06-24T15:31:08+05:30

Utilize InterviewDesk’s 360 feedback reports to quickly shortlist candidates, streamlining the hiring process for efficiency and effectiveness.

How does InterviewDesk help in candidate retention through CRM integration?2024-06-24T15:30:44+05:30

Top-notch candidates can be engaged based on feedback reports, fostering candidate retention strategies through effective communication and insights.

What sets InterviewDesk’s structured interview process apart?2024-06-24T15:30:14+05:30

Our structured interview process is unbiased, inclusive, and ensures candidate performance evaluation to eliminate bias and enhance hiring objectivity.

How can InterviewDesk’s 360 feedback reports benefit my hiring decisions?2024-06-24T15:29:39+05:30

The detailed 360 feedback reports offer a comprehensive view of candidate performance, empowering smarter and data-driven hiring decisions.

What is InterviewDesk, and how does it contribute to the hiring process?2024-06-24T15:28:48+05:30

InterviewDesk is a platform that streamlines technical hiring, providing real-time insights and feedback to improve the overall recruitment process.