Revolutionize Tech Interviews with Code Collaborator

Seamless Coding Environment and Video Calling, All in One Place, Simplifying Your Technical Interview Process

Seamless Coding Environment and Video Calling, All in One Place, Simplifying Your Technical Interview Process

Seamless Coding Environment and Video Calling, All in One Place, Simplifying Your Technical Interview Process

Revolutionize Tech Interviews with Code Collaborator

Professional Coding Interviews Made Seamless Online

Streamline Your Hiring Process: Seamlessly Meet, Communicate, and Code with Candidates – All in One Platform!

Professional Coding Interviews

Unleash Seamless Coding Collaboration with InterviewDesk

Elevate Your Interviewing Experience

Welcome to InterviewDesk’s Code Collaborate feature, your gateway to conducting live code assessments with unparalleled ease and efficiency. Revolutionize your talent acquisition process, accelerate your hiring cycle, and discover a new realm of collaborative interviewing.

Live Code Environment

Experience real-time collaboration with candidates through our dynamic live code environment. Evaluate coding skills, problem-solving abilities, and collaborative coding prowess effortlessly.

Interviews with Code Collaborator
Explain code architecture using InterviewDesk whiteboard


Empower creativity and problem visualization with our intuitive whiteboard feature. Candidates can brainstorm and illustrate solutions in real-time, enhancing the depth of your assessments.

Draw Tool

Facilitate effective communication by sketching ideas, workflows, and diagrams directly within the interview environment. Enhance collaboration and gain deeper insights into a candidate’s thought process.

Explain complex topics using InterviewDesk whiteboard
InterviewDesk code snippets to use on assessment

Code Snippet

Efficiently assess candidates by incorporating relevant code snippets. Tailor your assessments to focus on specific skills and ensure a more targeted evaluation process.

Code Playback

Review and analyze the entire coding process with our Code Playback feature. Dive into the details, understand the candidate’s approach, and make informed decisions based on a comprehensive overview of the coding session.

Check candidate's code quality using our code playback
Candidate Feedback

Post-Interview Insights

The collaboration doesn’t end with the interview. InterviewDesk provides you with a complete recording of the session and a detailed feedback report on the candidate’s performance. Make informed hiring decisions backed by comprehensive insights.

Featured-packed Coding Platform

Everything you need to conduct comprehensive developer interviews in leading programming languages.

50+ Coding Languages

Choose from a vast array of programming languages and libraries to conduct interviews tailored to your specific tech stack. Our platform supports over 50 coding languages, ensuring that you can assess candidates in the languages most relevant to your organization.

Supported Libraries

Explore our collection of supported libraries to evaluate candidates’ proficiency with industry-standard tools and frameworks. Keep up with evolving tech landscape by assessing candidates based on their familiarity with widely adopted libraries, ensuring you stay well-informed.

Question Bank

Unlock a treasure trove of interview questions covering a spectrum of difficulty levels and domains. Our extensive question bank allows you to craft interviews that align with your organization’s unique needs, ensuring a thorough assessment of candidates’ skills.

Supported integrations

InterviewDesk integrates with the applications you love to use. It takes minutes and your customer success platform is ready to go!