SAP SuccessFactors ATS is a leading-edge recruiting software that empowers organizations to find and hire the right talent efficiently. With its advanced capabilities and integration with SAP’s comprehensive HCM suite, SuccessFactors ATS provides a seamless end-to-end hiring solution. Explore the website to see how SAP SuccessFactors ATS is transforming recruitment strategies for businesses worldwide.


Enhance your recruitment process seamlessly by integrating SuccessFactors ATS with InterviewDesk. This powerful integration ensures a smooth and efficient workflow, reducing time-to-hire while also attracting better qualified applicants and enhancing the overall candidate experience.

Connecting SuccessFactors ATS with InterviewDesk is incredibly simple – with just a single click, you can synchronize all your job descriptions and candidate profiles directly into InterviewDesk. This means no more manual data entry or duplicated efforts, as all the essential information is automatically transferred between the two platforms.

Once the synchronization is complete, you’ll be able to effortlessly schedule interviews for all your potential candidates, expediting your hiring process and ensuring a swift and effective talent acquisition journey. By leveraging the synergy of these integrated platforms, you can optimize your recruitment efforts, save valuable time, and ultimately secure the best talent for your organization.


Time Efficiency:

By seamlessly syncing job descriptions and candidate profiles, you save valuable time that would otherwise be spent manually transferring data between platforms.

Streamlined Recruitment Process:

The integration ensures a smooth and hassle-free recruitment process, reducing administrative burden and minimizing the risk of errors.

Automated Interview Reminders:

Say goodbye to manual reminders. Our integration automates interview scheduling and sends timely reminders to both candidates and interviewers, ensuring a smooth and efficient interview process.

Access to Expert Panel:

Gain access to a distinguished Expert Panel comprising 750+ seasoned professionals hailing from various domains such as Product, SAAS, Fin-Tech, Enterprise Tech, and more to conduct On-Demand interviews for you.

Improved Candidate Management:

With all candidate information centralized in InterviewDesk, you gain better visibility and organization, making it easier to track, assess, and manage potential hires.

Enhanced Collaboration:

Integrating ATS and InterviewDesk fosters better collaboration among hiring teams, allowing them to access and share candidate data effortlessly.

Faster Interview Scheduling:

With synchronized data, interview scheduling becomes more efficient, enabling prompt and timely engagement with candidates, leading to quicker hiring decisions.

Seamless Candidate Experience:

Candidates experience a seamless and consistent application process, regardless of whether they interact with your ATS or InterviewDesk, enhancing their overall experience.


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