This is India’s largest Ed-Tech company, founded in the year 2011 headquartered in Bengaluru, India. It has received a fund of around  $22B. This is one of the initial clients for InterviewDesk, we have worked with them and closed positions across roles.


This Ed-tech company is associated with InterviewDesk for various roles such as SFDC (Admin), Salesfroce, RoR, Java, Frontend, Full stack, Backend, Android. InterviewDesk has completed more than 2K interviews across various roles.

Challenges faced

  1. There was a huge list of candidates who needed to be interviewed on various levels and roles, but with the existing Interviewers this ed-tech company found it as a challenge to shortlist the profiles for final rounds.
  2. There were a lot of last minute changes in the timings of the interviews, which was a challenge for their Interviewers.


The Company’s association with InterviewDesk has been for many years. InterviewDesk has helped them in various aspects such as completing the interviews that were requested in the last minute,  for this client we have followed a fast tracking feedback mechanism where the Verbal feedback was shared with the client immediately after the interview.

2000+ hrs

Engineering hours saved

10 mins

Quick feedback report

3+ years

Successful partnership


  1. The volume of interview for the client was studied and more Interviewers were added as per the need. The Interviewers were briefed about the requirements when they were onboarded for the client. There was a review session with the client that allowed the Interviewers to stay aligned with the company’s expectations.
  2. This Ed-tech company did not want to miss out on good candidates which paved way for a lot of last minute interviews, the Interviewers were notified and allotted which minimized a lot of cancellations and helped the Company to hold on to good candidates.


InterviewDesk has worked closely with this Ed-tech company, being associated with the company for a long period of time we have grown together. InterviewDesk solved their challenges and helped them close their positions early.