This is a series E funded Company from the cosmetic industry, that is based in the USA. Their mission is to give voice through beauty. This Company aimed at closing the position in a very short time without compromising the quality.


InterviewDesk helped this beauty brand with Frontend and Android interviews. The conversion ratio was very high and they closed the position within a few weeks.

Challenges faced

  1. To form the team of Frontend and Android Developers was a challenge for this beauty brand, as the candidature was high and they needed to close the positions at the earliest.
  2. Efficiency of their Interviewer was affected as they had to tackle interviews and their daily tasks.
  3. Flexible interviews were a challenge for the Company and this affected the smooth interview process.


InterviewDesk helped this Beauty brand to build a part of their Engineering team in a short time by organizing the interviews at the earliest slot provided by the candidate and finishing all the rounds of interviews at the earliest possible time. 

<15 days

Position closed


Success ratio


Cost & time saved


  1. We provided them our support by giving them our expert Interviewers, who helped the Company to close their position in a very short period. The success ratio was very high as the requirement was properly communicated and it was met.
  2. Our Interviewers are flexible and comfortable to support the Company at any given time, this allowed the beauty brand to finish the interviews at the earliest available time given by the candidate. This helped them to retain good profiles in the interview process.
  3. The interview process was well maintained by InterviewDesk which allowed the candidates to have a smooth onboarding process, while providing the Company detailed feedback on the candidate.


InterviewDesk helped this beauty brand to build a part of their Engineering team. The Company was able to close the position in a short period of time. The feedback regarding the interview process was positive and the candidates stated the process was smooth and comfortable.