This is a Fintech Company that was founded in the year 2017 with series C funding, this platform helps capital financing for vendors, dealers and distributors.


Test Manager, Engineering Manager, Solution Architect, UI Developer, Senior Product Engineer, Product Engineer, DevOps are the various roles covered by InterviewDesk for this Fintech.

Challenges faced

  1. There were a lot of last minute cancellations due to candidates because of lack of regular follow up.These cancellations affected the work of the Interviewer.
  2. For each role the candidature was around 100 and it took more than a  month to complete the interview process. 


This FinTech company faced a lot of challenges but last minute changes and long interview process was a huge challenge for them. InterviewDesk helped them in solving the above challenges, and ensuring good service for the client and the candidate.

700+ hrs

Engineering hours saved


Cancellation reduced

<2 weeks

Hiring cycle


  1. This FinTech company faced a lot of challenges due to last minute cancellations as the Interviewers schedules were disrupted, InterviewDesk coordinated the interviews, saving the company 100+ hours due  to last minute changes.
  2. At InterviewDesk the interviews are scheduled almost immediately, thus blocking the candidates calendar and helping the company complete the rounds at the earliest. This helped the company to finish the interview process in just a week or two.


InterviewDesk helped the company to solve their major challenges such as coordinating and conducting interviews and completing the process in a very short period of time when compared to the traditional mode of interview.