An orthodontist is a medical expert who specializes in diagnosing and treating problems with teeth, jaws, and other complex oral difficulties.

Job Description

We are seeking an Orthodontist to join our team and provide examinations and assess our patients’ medical needs. Orthodontists are responsible for performing medical testing to determine patient needs and fitting patients with braces and dentures. Ultimately, you will engage directly with patients to understand their medical needs and solve various health-related difficulties that they may be experiencing.

The following are the responsibilities of an Orthodontist:

  • To establish treatment plans for patients, examine patient data, including dental histories, plaster models of teeth, and X-rays
  • Patients’ treatment plans and expense estimates are discussed.
  • Using a variety of diagnostic tools to detect the state of patients’ teeth

Principal Responsibilities

  • Treat occlusion problems and other oral health issues
  • Teach orthodontic treatments and skills to assistants.
  • Coordination of orthodontic treatments within a patient’s comprehensive treatment plan requires collaboration with other specialists such as dentists and oral surgeons.
  • Patients are fitted for various orthodontic appliances.
  • Schedule regular appointments with patients to perform orthodontic appliance modifications, such as tightening braces, and track patient progress. Educate patients about ongoing orthodontic treatment and proper oral hygiene procedures for optimal dental health.
  • When necessary, send patients to additional doctors such as oral surgeons.

Qualifications and Abilities

  • Work experience as an Orthodontist or in a related function is required.
  • Experience utilizing hand tools (periodontal scalers, band pluggers, cutters, pliers) and diagnostic tools (digital X-rays, 3D images) and diagnostic tools (digital X-rays, 3D photos)
  • Outstanding dexterity and hand-eye coordination
  • Excellent patient management abilities
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication abilities
  • Orthodontic training and/or certificates are required.

Commonly Asked Questions

What exactly does an Orthodontist do?

Orthodontists provide medical care to patients to rectify tooth and jaw misalignment. They can aid with speech problems, chewing problems, and maintaining good dental hygiene.

What are an Orthodontist’s roles and responsibilities?

An Orthodontist will be responsible for assessing patients, using diagnostic tools to understand patient needs, and diagnosing problems in their patients’ jaws and mouths.

What qualities distinguish an excellent Orthodontist?

A good Orthodontist must have strong people skills because they work with a diverse range of patients every day. They must also have strong communication skills to share critical information with other health professionals and ensure that their patients receive the care and attention they require.

Who works with an Orthodontist?

An Orthodontist works along closely with fellow medical professionals such as nurses, to comprehend the requirements of their patients and deliver top-notch care whenever necessary.