A barback is the bartender’s helper. They make sure bartenders have everything they need to serve patrons. A barback’s duties include replenishing supplies, stocking and maintaining a tidy workspace.

Job Description

To assist our bartenders and the rest of our crew, we are searching for a Barback. Along with helping with opening and closing the bar, you’ll help with a variety of behind-the-bar duties include replenishing the bar and getting garnishes ready. This is a fantastic chance to gain firsthand knowledge of how a bar functions if you’re interested in establishing a career in the hospitality sector. In the end, you’ll contribute to making sure that our patrons receive first-rate service and have a great time at our bar. Please take note that you must be able to work in a bar where alcoholic beverages are served and consumed legally in order to be considered for this position. Additionally, you must be willing to work in shifts on the weekends, public holidays, and in the nights.

The following are the responsibilities of a Barback:
  • Barbacks assist servers and bartenders during their shift by working in the background. They also support the opening and shutting processes of bars.
  • Barback’s duties consist of:
    • Gathering glasses and tidying the bar area.
    • Changing out the booze bottles and beer kegs.
    • Restocking freezers.

Principal Responsibilities

  • Organize countertops, tables, and other bar spaces.
  • Gather used bottles and glasses.
  • Restock napkins, coasters, and straws at the bar.
  • Assemble mixers, juices, and garnishes for cocktails.
  • Restock fruits and peanuts.
  • Beer kegs should be swapped out for liquor bottles.
  • Empty the trash and clean up any drink spillage.
  • Stock up ice bins.
  • Fresh rags all during the work shift.
  • Help the bartenders when it’s busy.

Qualifications and Abilities

  • Age requirement to serve alcohol.
  • A desire to work in the hospitality sector; prior bar or restaurant entry-level experience is not required but will be valued as a plus.
  • Teamwork and the capacity to operate in a fast-paced setting.
  • Rudimentary understanding of bar menu items and recipes (various beers and mixed drinks).
  • Capacity to stand during the shift, raise beer kegs and hold trays of bottles and glassware.
  • The ability to work on weekends, public holidays, and in the nights.
  • High school graduation; further credentials in hospitality or mixology would be advantageous.

Commonly Asked Questions

How is a Barback used?

Barbacks are exceptionally well-organized staff members that help bartenders maintain a clean and supplied service area. These people are proactive and effective. In order for patrons to enjoy their time and staff members to serve them quickly, they anticipate supply needs based on the service activity and ensure that the bar’s service area is free of garbage.

What are a Barback’s roles and duties?

Barbacks frequently assist bartenders in opening and closing the bar. Throughout their shift, they make sure the bar is well-stocked with items like beer, spirits, liquor, garnishes, ice cubes, and other necessities. They make sure that bartenders’ glasses, shakers, strainers, and other utensils are spotless and positioned correctly. In addition, they may have to take out the trash, mop floors, wipe up spills, and occasionally maintain clean restrooms.

Why is a Barback good?

An effective Barback needs to be proactive, well-organized, and customer service-oriented. They work in noisy, busy settings, prioritize tasks well, and are knowledgeable about safe handling of knives. To guarantee that bartenders always have the supplies they need on hand, they must possess a thorough understanding of bars, serving, and mixology.

With whom does a Barback work?

Usually, Barbacks collaborate closely with bartenders. Barbacks may collaborate with servers and other staff members at the bar or restaurant in addition to bartenders.

Is it possible for Barbacks to become Bartenders in the future?

Yes, a lot of Barbacks use their knowledge and experience to progress into employment as bartenders after honing their craft.