A Campus Recruiter is a professional responsible for identifying and hiring talented students and recent graduates for entry-level positions within an organization, often working in collaboration with colleges and universities to source and attract new talent. They play a crucial role in building a pipeline of future employees and shaping the organization’s workforce.

Job Description

We are looking for a Campus Recruiter to help us recruit students and recent graduates by acting as our main point of contact at institutions. The Campus Recruiter’s duties encompass taking part in college job fairs, developing meaningful internship initiatives, and evaluating applicants for junior roles. You must be a great relationship-builder and have experience using a variety of sourcing techniques, such as social recruitment, in order to succeed in this position. Your ultimate goal will be to draw in and train exceptional people while building a favorable employer reputation in college communities. As the Campus Recruiter, you will be essential to our organization’s continuous development and success by spotting and hiring bright individuals.

The following are the responsibilities of a Campus Recruiter:

  • Organizing department- or field-specific internal career days for students and recent graduates
  • Communicating with students, marketing our employer brand, and going to college career fairs
  • Screening applications, holding interviews, and carrying out ability evaluations in order to fill junior roles and internships

Principal Responsibilities

  • Organize internal career fairs by department or area of expertise for students and recent graduates.
  • Participate at career fairs for colleges, engage with students, and advance our employer brand
  • For internships and junior roles, analyze candidates’ talents, interview candidates, and screen resumes.
  • Inform online and offline alumni communities about current open positions. Provide a report on recruiting analytics following each careers event including the number of candidates interviewed and hired.
  • Make contact with career counselors at universities and provide them informational papers regarding our internship programs.
  • Create and post print advertisements on college campuses.
  • Post job openings and connect with possible applicants on social media networks.
  • Work together with team leaders to identify job requirements and create internship initiatives.
  • Establish and preserve positive connections with colleges and other educational establishments.

Qualifications and Abilities

  • Experience working as a recruiter or in a related HR position
  • Proficiency in marketing and recruiting for entry-level positions is advantageous.
  • Familiarity with a range of candidate assessment methods such as group interviews
  • Practical expertise using applicant tracking systems and resume databases
  • Knowledge of social media sources
  • Knowledge of labor laws, especially as they relate to internships
  • Strong networking skills
  • A Bachelor of Science in organizational psychology, human resources, or a related discipline

Commonly Asked Questions

What does a Campus Recruiter do?

Campus Recruiters are in charge of locating and employing outstanding candidates from academic institutions to fill entry-level positions inside the company.

How can I apply to your company through campus recruitment for entry-level jobs?

Attend our events for campus recruitment, check out our job page, or talk to our recruiters when you visit the campus.

When hiring on campus, what credentials and abilities are you seeking for in candidates?

The requirements differ depending on the position, but generally speaking, we are looking for applicants with a solid academic background, applicable abilities, and a passion for our business.

How can recent graduates or students get in touch with your Campus Recruiter and participate in your recruitment events?

To participate in events, be informed about our calendar for college visits, follow us on social media, or get in touch with our Campus Recruiter.

What guidance would you provide students getting ready for assessments and interviews during campus recruitment?

To create a good impression, learn about our company, rehearse interview questions, and demonstrate your enthusiasm and skills.