A deputy sheriff is a law enforcement officer who serves as a subordinate to the elected sheriff responsible for maintaining peace, enforcing laws, and ensuring public safety within a specific jurisdiction.

Job Description

To join our team and safeguard our community by upholding the law and capturing offenders, we are seeking a Deputy Sheriff. A Deputy Sheriff’s duties also include making court filings, escorting inmates to and from hearings, and working with local and state law enforcement officials when required. Ultimately, your job as a law enforcement officer will be to investigate crimes, apprehend suspects, and make sure that no one or any property is at risk.

The following are the responsibilities of a Deputy Sheriff:

  • Using county cars equipped with radios to patrol roads & highways
  • Using the phone, radio, and other forms of communication to answer calls and handle complaints
  • Helping people or endangered property

Principal Responsibilities

  • Help at accident sites and provide security in disaster areas
  • Identify, look into, and stop illegal activity
  • Catch criminals and violators of traffic laws
  • Detainees are transported and escorted to and from court proceedings as well as involuntary psychiatric commitments to medical facilities.
  • Keep the courtroom calm and safe.
  • Deliver court documents and seize assets.
  • Report tasks to higher-ranking personnel and request help and guidance.

Qualifications and Abilities

  • A track record of success in a Deputy Sheriff or related position
  • Finishing the medical and physical examination
  • Finalizing the written application and passing the agility test
  • Ability to work with short notice or none at all
  • Able to work shifts, weekends, public holidays, and in bad weather; acquainted with the county’s topography
  • Competent with a handgun and able to maintain it
  • Qualifications and/or training relevant to the position of Deputy Sheriff

Commonly Asked Questions

What function does a Deputy Sheriff serve in the legal system?

Within their jurisdiction, Deputy Sheriffs are sworn officers tasked with executing the law, preserving public safety