An organization’s administrative and human resources departments are managed and overseen by a professional called an HR & Admin Officer. To maintain efficient operations, they manage duties like hiring, employee relations, and administrative procedures.

Job Description

We are looking for a very talented HR & Admin Officer to come work with us and support our HR department in every way. You will be in charge of effectively processing employee data, maintaining the most recent version of corporate policies, and supporting the hiring process in this capacity. The seamless functioning of all HR operations will be facilitated by your outstanding organizational abilities and expertise with HR duties. You will be essential to the organization’s ability to keep correct personnel records, enforce adherence to HR guidelines, and foster productive internal communication. Ultimately, your attention to detail and tact when handling sensitive information will be crucial. Come help us improve our HR procedures and overall organizational effectiveness.

The following are the responsibilities of a HR & Admin Officer:

  • Preserving paper and digital personnel records such as PTO requests and employment contracts
  • Updating internal databases with details on new hires
  • Drafting and disseminating FAQs and guidelines about corporate policies

Principal Responsibilities

  • Preserving paper and digital personnel records such as PTO requests and employment contracts
  • Update internal databases with data on new hires
  • Make and disseminate FAQs and guidelines pertaining to company policy.
  • Compile payroll information, such as working days and bank accounts.
  • Post and take down job adverts
  • Set up interview times and get in touch with applicants as needed.
  • Create presentations and reports on HR-related KPIs such as the overall number of hires broken down by department.
  • Create materials for onboarding and training.
  • Answer inquiries from staff members on benefits (such as the total amount of vacation days they are entitled to).

Qualifications and Abilities

  • Experience working as an administrative assistant, HR officer, or in a position related
  • Knowledge of information systems for human resources (HRIS)
  • Basic familiarity with labor laws; familiarity with spreadsheets
  • Organizing abilities
  • Good communication skills both in writing and speaking
  • A Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management or a related topic

Commonly Asked Questions

What are the main duties of an Administrative and Human Resources Officer?

HR and Administrative Officers manage a variety of duties, such as hiring, onboarding, maintaining employee records, and basic office administration.

How can staff members submit HR-related paperwork or request time off?

Usually, employees can submit required paperwork or request time off by email, HR software, or specific forms.

How can problems or concerns at work be reported to the HR and Admin Officer?

Workers can report problems by using certain channels, including anonymous reporting platforms or HR representatives.

How do the Administrative Officer and Human Resources department make sure that the workplace complies with all applicable laws and regulations?

To guarantee adherence to labor laws and industry standards, they conduct periodic reviews of policies and procedures.

Can I meet with the HR and Admin Officer to discuss HR-related issues?

Yes, employees can usually arrange a meeting with the HR and Admin Officer to discuss questions or concerns pertaining to HR.