An HRIS Manager is a professional responsible for overseeing and optimizing Human Resources Information Systems and software solutions within an organization, ensuring the effective management of employee data, HR processes, and analytics. They play a critical role in leveraging technology to support HR functions and enhance workforce management.

Job Description

To join our team and supervise the setup and management of our HRIS, we are seeking a Manager of Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS). Processing employee data, creating HR-related reports, and making sure that pertinent local and federal laws are followed are all part of the duties of an HRIS Manager. You should be comfortable working with databases and HR tools such as applicant tracking systems and payroll systems, to succeed in this position. In the end, you’ll make sure our HR information systems are economical, useful, and satisfy our company goals.

The following are the responsibilities of a HRIS Manager:

  • Directing the day-to-day activities of our HR information systems
  • Processing information about employees, including working hours, salaries, and leaves
  • Hiring new employees and collecting data such as contact information and work titles

Principal Responsibilities

  • Oversee the day-to-day functioning of our HR IT systems.
  • Handle employee information such as working hours, salaries, and leaves.
  • Enroll new hires and record their information, including their job titles and contact information.
  • Gather the information required for EEO-1 reporting.
  • Create design manuals and record data processing methods.
  • Create as-needed reports, such as those on hiring expenses, benefits, and turnover.
  • Work together with our IT team to test and update our HRIS on a regular basis.
  • Make sure that the GDPR and other data protection laws are followed.
  • Investigate suppliers and add new integrations as required.

Qualifications and Abilities

  • Experience managing HRIS systems or performing related tasks
  • Understanding of labor laws
  • Knowledge of data protection laws such as GDPR
  • Practical experience managing HR databases
  • Knowledge of ATS and payroll systems
  • Logical abilities
  • Human Resources Management Bachelor’s degree
  • A second Computer Science diploma is advantageous.

Commonly Asked Questions

What function does an organization’s HRIS Manager perform?

In order to expedite HR procedures, HRIS Managers supervise the setup and upkeep of HR systems and databases.

How do HRIS Managers make sure that privacy laws are followed and data security is maintained?

To protect HR data, they put security measures in place, restrict access, and keep up with data protection regulations.

Is it possible for managers or staff to ask the HRIS Manager for system support, and if yes, what is the standard process?

Yes, staff members can make requests through the designated channels or get in touch with the HRIS Manager to ask for help with the system.

Which HR tools and software does an organization’s HRIS Manager normally oversee and support?

Payroll software, talent management platforms, and HRIS are just a few of the HR software systems that HRIS Managers administer.

How does the HRIS Manager improve the accuracy of data and process efficiency in HR functions?

By creating workflows, automating procedures, and maintaining data integrity, they help HR to function more effectively and make wise judgments.