A legal assistant is a professional who provides administrative and research support to lawyers and legal professionals assisting in tasks such as document preparation, case management and legal research to facilitate the practice of law. Their role is crucial in maintaining efficient legal operations and client service.

Job Description

We are seeking a self-motivated Legal Assistant, to maintain efficient case administration & the seamless operation of the office. You will work under the direction of an attorney to deliver a wide range of legal services.

The following are the responsibilities of a Legal Assistant:

  • Assisting attorneys with their paperwork and improving workplace efficiency.
  • Managing correspondence with witnesses, clients, etc.
  • Administrative and legal help during trials.

Principal Responsibilities

  • Help the attorney with their paperwork and increase the efficiency of the office.
  • Manage correspondence with witnesses, clients, etc.
  • Assist administratively and participate in trials.
  • Compile testimony, interrogations, and depositions into case briefs.
  • Perform statistical analysis and documentary research.
  • Find and compile case-relevant data.
  • Type up and store simple legal letters and papers.
  • Return and route phone calls.
  • Keep up contact lists.
  • Keep an eye on due dates and adjust calendars.

Qualifications and Abilities

  • A track record of success as a legal assistant or secretary; familiarity with the law, legal codes and processes and the judicial system.
  • Adequate familiarity with the daily activities of a law office.
  • Computer proficiency.
  • English language proficiency working familiarity with case management software.
  • Outstanding organizational and secretarial abilities.
  • Capacity to multitask and function under duress.
  • A legal assistant’s degree or certification.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is the role of a Legal Assistant?

Legal Assistants support attorneys by performing tasks such as research, document drafting and case file management.

How can I apply for a Legal Assistant position at your firm?

Visit our career page or submit your application through the specified channels in our job postings.

Can I contact a Legal Assistant directly for information on my case or legal inquiries?

For case-specific information, it’s recommended to contact the attorney handling your case. Legal Assistants support attorneys in administrative tasks.

What qualifications are typically required for a Legal Assistant role?