A Payroll Clerk is responsible for accurately calculating and processing employee salaries, wages, and deductions within an organization. They ensure that employees are paid on time and that payroll records are maintained in compliance with relevant regulations.

Job Description

We are seeking a competent Payroll Clerk to support us in all matters pertaining to the administration of employee benefits inside the organization. You will work on a range of projects including paying employees, calculating compensation, and inputting payroll data. A proficient Payroll Clerk possesses a strong comprehension of the notion of confidentiality. You will have the know-how to enter data meticulously and possess the mathematical abilities to perform the required computations. A thorough professional with strong communication skills will be the perfect applicant. The objective is to complete all payroll processes accurately & quickly.

The following are the responsibilities of a Payroll Clerk:

  • Using payroll software to manage compensation packages
  • Assembling and confirming all employees’ timekeeping records
  • Figuring out salary based on hours worked, taking overtime and leaves into consideration

Principal Responsibilities

  • Organize pay packages with payroll software.
  • Gather and confirm each employee’s timekeeping data.
  • Compute remuneration based on hours worked, taking overtime and leaves into account.
  • When necessary, compute commissions and bonuses.
  • Control and compute your taxes and deductions.
  • Establish punctual recurring payments, either by direct deposits made through a bank payment system or by preparing and distributing checks.
  • Keep records and issue bills and statements.
  • Update payroll records on paper and electronically by making changes to employee status, pay rates, and other details.
  • Compute severance and unemployment benefits.
  • Respond to employee and senior management concerns and inquiries about payroll.
  • Look into and fix any payroll inconsistencies.
  • Prepare reports and send them to the supervisor with payroll details.

Qualifications and Abilities

  • Shown expertise as a Payroll Clerk or manager
  • Knowledge of general accounting concepts
  • Adept at gathering, entering, and reporting data while paying close attention to detail and maintaining confidentiality
  • Strong familiarity with pertinent laws, rules, and guidelines
  • Computer literate and proficient in using pertinent applications such as Payforce
  • Superb mathematical and numerical abilities
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills; strong communication skills and a knack for problem-solving; a high school certificate or its equivalent; a BSc or BA in accounting or business administration is a plus

Commonly Asked Questions

What does an organization’s Payroll Clerk do?

Payroll Clerks are responsible for processing employee payroll in a fast and precise manner, which includes handling tax withholding, deductions, and salary computations.

How can I report inconsistencies in my pay stub or address problems connected to payroll?

To report inconsistencies or discuss any payroll-related issues, get in touch with your Payroll Clerk or the HR department.

Can I view my payroll data and pay stubs online, and if so, how can I do that?

Employees can obtain payroll-related information and view pay stubs using online portals offered by many firms.

When will the Payroll Clerk send me the tax-related documentation at the end of the year, and what should I expect?

By the end of January, you need to get W-2s or similar tax papers to help with your tax file.

How may I amend my withholding allowances or my direct deposit information?

To seek adjustments to your direct deposit or tax withholding information, get in touch with the Payroll Clerk or HR department at your place of employment.