An organization’s payroll is managed and processed by a Payroll Coordinator, who also handles activities including paying employees on time and accurately, calculating wages, and confirming timesheets. They are essential to keeping payroll accurate and in accordance with labor and tax laws.

Job Description

For our business to conduct payroll transactions, we are searching for a Payroll Coordinator. The duties of a Payroll Coordinator include processing timesheets, maintaining payroll records, and responding to inquiries from employees regarding payments. In the end, you’ll guarantee that workers receive fair compensation on schedule. We would like to meet you if you have excellent analytical and numerical skills together with a keen attention to detail.

Responsibilities of a Payroll Coordinator

  • Handling monetary rewards or deductions.
  • Monitoring salary disbursements.
  • Coordinating payroll changes (such as terminations and new hiring) with HR.

Principal Responsibilities

  • Handle additional documents such as tax forms and W-2s and attendance records.
  • Verify the accuracy of the payroll data and make sure all necessary documentation is in place.
  • In order to handle payroll adjustments (such as new hiring or terminations), coordinate with HR.
  • Supervise the electronic payment process and payroll check distribution.
  • Add salary or wage modifications to the data.
  • Handle additional financial rewards or deductions (such as worker’s compensation, taxes, severance pay, and annual bonuses).
  • Organize benefit costs such as paid time off or insurance premiums.
  • Upon request, provide reports to higher management.
  • Respond to inquiries or grievances from employees regarding compensation and salary.
  • Cooperate with authorities (such as the IRS) on requests or audits.

Qualifications and Abilities

  • Proven expertise in a Payroll Coordinator or related position.
  • Knowledge of payroll procedures.
  • Strong familiarity with laws pertaining to payroll and accounting such as the FLSA and Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
  • Working familiarity with payroll systems such as Kronos and Oracle.
  • Familiar with Excel’s features, data, etc.
  • A sharp mind and solid mathematical abilities.
  • Powerful communication abilities.
  • Outstanding focus on detail.
  • A diploma, BSc, or BA in Finance, Accounting, or in a related discipline.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is the role of a Payroll Coordinator?

Payroll Coordinators oversee the processing of payroll, guaranteeing that workers are paid on schedule and with accuracy.

How may I amend the details associated with my direct deposit or tax withholding?

To modify your payroll information, get in touch with the Payroll Coordinator or HR department at your company.

Every pay cycle, when can I anticipate receiving my paycheck?

Although pay schedules differ, generally speaking, you should anticipate receiving your paycheck on the dates that your company has specified.

If I have inquiries concerning my salary or paycheck deductions, how should I proceed?

For help with any payroll-related questions, get in touch with HR or your Payroll Coordinator.

When is special or overtime compensation usually paid, and how is it calculated?

Labor regulations and company policy determine how overtime and special compensation are calculated. Payroll Coordinators are able to provide more information about these computations and due dates.