A production supervisor oversees manufacturing processes & personnel to ensure efficient and timely production while maintaining quality standards.

Job Description

To manage our production processes, we are seeking an experienced Production Supervisor. Maintaining workflows and keeping an eye on staff will ensure that manufacturing continues to run smoothly. In a manufacturing process that moves quickly, such as production, the supervisor plays a crucial role. They need to be capable and understand intricate procedures. It should also be possible for you to minimize expenses and maximize daily operations. Ensuring that production processes produce goods of the highest caliber while being profitable is the aim.

The following are the responsibilities of a Production Supervisor:

  • Establishing daily, weekly, and monthly goals and informing staff of them
  • Establishing schedules and allocating duties to streamline workflow
  • Supervising and mentoring staff

Principal Responsibilities

  • Establish daily, weekly and monthly goals and let your staff know what they are.
  • Create schedules and assign roles to streamline workflow.
  • Manage and mentor staff members
  • Make sure all equipment is used safely and plan for routine maintenance.
  • Verify that production output complies with the requirements.
  • Send in performance and progress reports.
  • Determine inefficiencies and offer solutions
  • Teach new hires how to operate equipment safely and according to protocol.
  • Enforce stringent company policies and safety regulations.

Qualifications and Abilities

  • A track record of success in a production supervisory position or a related one; familiarity with a range of manufacturing equipment and techniques
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office with an emphasis on organization and leadership
  • Interpersonal and communication abilities
  • Self-driven and focused on achieving goals
  • Skills for resolving issues
  • A high school diploma; a technical, engineering or related subject degree would be advantageous.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is the role of a Production Supervisor in a manufacturing setting?

Production Supervisors oversee and coordinate manufacturing processes, ensuring efficient production and adherence to quality standards.

How can employees communicate with the Production Supervisor for work-related concerns?

Employees can typically communicate with the Production Supervisor directly during scheduled meetings or through established communication channels.

What steps does the Production Supervisor take to ensure workplace safety on the production floor?

Production Supervisors implement safety protocols, conduct regular safety training, and enforce compliance with safety regulations to create a secure work environment.

How are production schedules and deadlines managed by the Production Supervisor?

Production Supervisors create and manage production schedules, adjusting as needed to meet deadlines and address unexpected challenges.

Can employees seek career development guidance from the Production Supervisor?

Yes, employees can discuss career development goals with the Production Supervisor, who may provide guidance on skill enhancement and advancement opportunities.