A Psychiatric Technician is a healthcare professional who assists in the care and treatment of individuals with mental health disorders, working under the supervision of psychiatrists and nurses. They provide support in implementing therapeutic interventions and monitoring patients’ well-being in psychiatric settings.

Job Description

To become a valuable member of our team and support us in giving our patients the best treatment possible while they are in our hospital, we are seeking a Psychiatric Technician. A Psychiatric Technician’s duties include admitting and releasing patients, keeping an eye on their vital signs, and providing assistance with everyday tasks as required. Ultimately, you will assist patients one on one with a range of duties and everyday activities.

The following are the responsibilities of a Psychiatric Technician:

  • Keeping track of patients’ conditions, listening to their worries, observing how they behave.
  • Guiding patients through therapeutic & leisure pursuits.
  • Providing patients with medication and other treatments.
  • Adhering to doctors and other medical professionals’ direction.

Principal Responsibilities

  • Assistance with patient admission and discharge.
  • Observing the vital signs of the patients, including their blood pressure.
  • Assisting patients with daily living tasks like eating and taking a shower.
  • Patients who might turn violent should be restrained.
  • Observing how patients behave and whereabouts within a mental health center.
  • Assisting patients with activities of daily living like dressing and bathing.
  • Helping patients eat by delivering food.

Qualifications and Abilities

  • A track record of success in a Psychiatric Technician or related position.
  • Understanding of crisis intervention methods.
  • Ability to work as a team in an environment with students, teachers, and/or staff.
  • Ability to uphold standards for quality, safety, and/or infection control.
  • Appropriate education and/or certifications in the field of psychiatry.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is the role of a Psychiatric Technician?

Psychiatric Technicians provide direct care to individuals with mental health disorders under the supervision of mental health professionals.

What qualifications are typically required to become a Psychiatric Technician?

Requirements vary, but a high school diploma and completion of a Psychiatric Technician program are common qualifications.

What settings do Psychiatric Technicians typically work in?

They may work in psychiatric hospitals, residential treatment facilities, or community mental health centers.

How do Psychiatric Technicians contribute to patient care and treatment?

They assist in implementing treatment plans, monitor patients’ behavior, and provide therapeutic interventions under the guidance of mental health professionals.

Can Psychiatric Technicians specialize in certain mental health conditions or populations?

Yes, some may specialize in areas such as geriatric psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, or substance abuse treatment.