Assisting the hiring team in identifying qualified applicants for job openings, a recruiting coordinator’s duty includes organizing interviews, corresponding with candidates and handling administrative work to guarantee a seamless and well-organized hiring procedure.

Job Description

A skilled individual who joins our team to actively participate in the entire hiring process is known as a Recruiting Coordinator. Recruiting people, reviewing resumes, holding interviews, as well as handling hiring documentation will all be important tasks for you to perform. You are a talented Recruiting Coordinator who brings fresh ideas to the table and has extensive understanding of HR best practices. It is highly desirable to have a confident headhunter approach and strong communication abilities. We respect people who have the ability to think creatively and who have a history of finishing tasks on schedule. Your main duty will be to oversee our entire hiring process and make sure that we always hire the best candidates for our company and fulfill our staffing needs.

The following are the responsibilities of a Recruiting Coordinator:

  • Creating and carrying out a comprehensive hiring plan.
  • Speaking with management to determine staffing needs and particular job goals.
  • Creating and publishing job descriptions for newspapers, university bulletin boards, and career websites.

Principal Responsibilities

  • Create and implement a comprehensive recruiting plan.
  • Managers should be consulted to determine staffing needs as well as specific job goals.
  • Compose job descriptions and publish them on job boards, newspapers, and career websites.
  • Utilize social media and databases to find applicants.
  • Examine and filter cover letters and resumes.
  • Assess candidates’ talents using recruiting tools such as tests and assignments.
  • Interview people on the phone, over Skype, or in person.
  • Provide recruiting managers a shortlist of eligible applicants.
  • Assist the hiring staff with interview questions and recruitment strategies.
  • Make contact with new hires and schedule orientations.
  • Make sure all legal criteria are fulfilled when preparing new hiring documentation.
  • Keep thorough records of all interviews and new recruits.
  • Keep up with the most recent hiring practices.
  • Attend career events and job fairs.

Qualifications and Abilities

  • Demonstrated expertise in the field as a Recruiting Coordinator or Recruiter; strong communication skills; capacity to prioritize and finish tasks on time; thorough understanding of HR regulations and best practices;
  • Practical knowledge of a range of selection procedures, including reference checks and phone interviews.
  • Capacity to perform various interview formats such as behavioral, competency-based, and structured.
  • Knowledge of candidate management systems, application tracking systems, and HR databases.
  • Possession of psychometric tests and other instruments for assessment.
  • A Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Psychology, Human Resources Management, or a related discipline; familiarity with social networking, particularly LinkedIn;

Commonly Asked Questions

What does a Coordinator of Recruitment do?

Recruiting Coordinators help with all aspects of the recruitment process management and organizing, including scheduling interviews and posting jobs.

How can I find out if my job application is being processed or if my interview date has been set?

For information on developments regarding your application or interview schedule, you can usually get in touch with the HR department or the Recruiting Coordinator.

Can I send my CV to a Recruiting Coordinator directly in order to apply for a job?

Typically, job advertisements are posted through the company’s application portal, where applications are managed by the Recruiting Coordinator.

What details must I give a Recruiting Coordinator in order to set up evaluations or interviews?

Your availability, contact information, and any special preferences you may have for the interview process may be requested.

If I need more information or have questions regarding the recruitment process, how can I get in touch with a Recruiting Coordinator?

Use the contact information found on the corporate website or in job advertisements to get in touch with the Recruiting Coordinator.