A Recruitment Business Partner is a strategic HR professional who collaborates with hiring teams and stakeholders to drive talent acquisition and talent management initiatives ensuring alignment with the organization’s goals and culture.

Job Description

We are seeking a Recruitment Business Partner to work with our HR team in creating and executing effective recruitment campaigns. Coordination with hiring managers, defining job needs, and establishing candidate qualifying standards are among the duties of a Recruitment Business Partner. We would like to meet you if you have extensive experience with the hiring process, from posting job vacancies to conducting interviews and assessing applicants. Understanding both offline and online sourcing strategies is advantageous. Finally, you’ll make sure that we draw in and choose the best applicants who satisfy our recruiting requirements, advance our long-term goals, and enhance our workplace culture.

The following are the responsibilities of a Recruitment Business Partner:

  • Collaborating with hiring managers to determine the people needs of the present and the future
  • Figuring out the best combination of job boards, jobs pages, and social media to use for advertising
  • Developing sourcing tactics using internet platforms

Principal Responsibilities

  • Together with recruiting managers, determine the personnel needs of the present and the future.
  • Choose the best combination of job boards, careers pages, and social media to use for job advertising.
  • Create sourcing plans by utilizing internet resources.
  • Organize and take part in hiring events and career fairs to personally network with possible applicants.
  • Examine job descriptions to make sure inclusive language is used and that position requirements are captured.
  • Provide hiring managers and recruiters with guidance on interviewing and assessing techniques.
  • Determine the hiring KPIs such as the time to fill and hire.
  • Calculate and track retention and turnover rates (departmental and company-wide).
  • Provide a monthly, quarterly, and annual report on your hiring budget.
  • Create policies for internal promotion and succession planning.
  • Oversee new hires onboarding.
  • Create and disseminate questionnaires about the applicant experience.

Qualifications and Abilities

  • Solid background working as a recruitment manager, business partner, or in a position comparable
  • Comprehending the entire recruitment cycle
  • Practical knowledge of finding candidates and conducting interviews
  • Familiarity with resume databases and applicant tracking systems
  • Thorough familiarity with labor laws
  • Excellent communication skills both in writing and speaking
  • Possibility of networking using professional sites such as GitHub and social media
  • Skills related to time management and organization
  • A Bachelor of Science in Humanities

Commonly Asked Questions

What function does a Recruitment Business Partner (RBP) do during the hiring process?

RBPs collaborate closely with business units to comprehend their hiring requirements, offer personnel solutions, and oversee the entire hiring procedure.

How may recruiting managers or business units work with an RBP to coordinate workforce needs?

Hiring managers can talk about their ideal candidate profiles, job criteria, and staffing needs with RBPs.

Which sectors or industries do Recruitment Business Partners normally work with, and what kinds of positions do they manage?

RBPs frequently support a broad range of responsibilities, from entry-level to executive-level ones, and operate across multiple industries.

Is it possible for workers or job seekers to get in touch with an RBP directly for questions or help?

Though there may be differences in direct communication, questions can usually be directed through HR or hiring procedures.

How can RBPs make sure that talent acquisition strategies and company goals are in line with each other?

RBPs work with company executives to maximize talent acquisition initiatives and match recruiting tactics with organizational goals.