A sommelier is a specialist in wine who makes wine lists, suggests food and wine combinations, and counsels customers on wine selections. They oversee the wine cellar, work with the chefs, and make sure the wine is served properly.

Job Description

We are searching for a Sommelier to serve as our in-house wine specialist and develop wine selections that complement our menu items. A sommelier’s duties also include overseeing wine service, promoting different wine varietals to our guests, and working with wineries to update our offerings and get better deals. You must be available to work during business hours and possess appropriate experience working in a vineyard or in hospitality to be considered for this position. In the end, you will make our guests very happy by assisting them in selecting the ideal wine to pair with their meal.

The following are the responsibilities of a sommelier:
  • In collaboration with the Food and Beverage Manager and the chefs, create and update the wine list.
  • Suggesting combinations of food and wine.
  • Recommending wines to visitors depending on their dietary preferences and personal inclinations.

Principal Responsibilities

  • In collaboration with the chefs and the Food and Beverage Manager, create and update the wine list and suggest pairings between food and wine.
  • Give visitors wine recommendations based on their meal preferences and individual interests.
  • Tell them about the many wine kinds and their costs.
  • Make sure wines are served in the appropriate glassware and at the appropriate temperature.
  • Properly store opened bottles to preserve their potent flavor.
  • Oversee the wine cellar and make sure it’s well-stocked. Educate wait staff on the wines that are available.
  • Haggle over buying costs with suppliers.
  • Plan “Wine of the Month” parties or wine tasting days.
  • To confirm that a guest is of legal drinking age, ask for identification.
  • Observe all safety and health requirements.

Qualifications and Abilities

  • Working as a wine steward, stewardess, sommelier, or in a position comparable.
  • The capacity to mix wines and foods in a pleasant manner.
  • Deep understanding of the many types of wines and the places where they are produced.
  • Familiarity with nearby wineries and vineyards.
  • Knowledge of the winemaking procedure.
  • Strong communication abilities.
  • Being available to work on weekends and holidays as well as during business hours.
  • The ability to travel on occasion to attend wine tasting events and meet with wine producers.
  • A degree in hospitality or sommelier certification is advantageous.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is the job of a sommelier?

A sommelier chooses wines for lists, suggests food and wine pairings, and counsels customers on wine selections according to their tastes and dietary requirements.

What are a sommelier’s obligations and tasks?

A sommelier designs and maintains wine lists, works with cooks, suggests wines to guests, makes sure wine is served correctly, oversees the wine cellar, and leads wine tastings.

Why is a sommelier good?

A competent sommelier is well-versed in wines, vineyards, and the art of winemaking. They can make balanced meal and wine pairings and have strong communication skills and a refined palate.

Who is employed by a sommelier?

A sommelier collaborates with chefs, winemakers, vendors, wait staff, and food and beverage managers.

What abilities need a sommelier to possess?

A sommelier should be well-versed in wines and their respective regions, have excellent communication skills, be able to put together elegant pairings, be available to work during business hours, and preferably have a degree or certification in hospitality.