A unit clerk is a healthcare administrative professional responsible for managing clerical tasks such as record-keeping, scheduling and communication within a hospital or healthcare unit. They play a crucial role in supporting the smooth operation of medical facilities.

Job Description

We are searching for a Unit Clerk to join our team, handle the front desk and take care of numerous administrative duties to assist our patients in receiving effective medical care. The duties of a Unit Clerk include scheduling patient appointments, completing discharge paperwork, and inputting patient data into our database. In the end, you will collaborate closely with patients to guarantee that their records are current and accurate.

The following are the responsibilities of a Unit Clerk:

  • Greeting patients and visitors and answering their questions.
  • Taking incoming calls, sorting them, and directing them.
  • Managing the admission, discharge & appointment of patients.

Principal Responsibilities

  • Enter patient data into the database and make backup copies of it.
  • Move patient medical data from the nurses’ records to the patients’ records.
  • Direct questions to the nurses and physicians.
  • Maintain the unit’s efficiency by following rules and guidelines and reporting any necessary adjustments.
  • Examine unit supplies, plan inventory needs, arrange orders, and supervise supply delivery.

Qualifications and Abilities

  • A track record of success as a Unit Clerk or in a related position.
  • Advanced knowledge of medical terminology.
  • A phone manner that is both pleasant & audible.
  • Good familiarity with office supplies & protocols.
  • Qualifications and/or experience relevant to the role of Unit Clerk.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is the role of a Unit Clerk in a healthcare setting?

Unit Clerks provide administrative support on hospital units, handling tasks such as record-keeping, communication, and patient information management.

How can I contact the Unit Clerk for inquiries or assistance?

You can typically find the contact information for the Unit Clerk at the nursing station or inquire at the hospital’s front desk.

What types of documents and records does a Unit Clerk manage?

Unit Clerks manage patient charts, admission forms, discharge documents, and other administrative records essential for patient care.

Can family members request information or assistance from the Unit Clerk?

Yes, family members can contact the Unit Clerk for information related to patient status, schedules, and general inquiries about the unit.

How does the Unit Clerk contribute to the efficiency of daily operations on the hospital unit?

Unit Clerks play a vital role in maintaining the smooth flow of operations by managing paperwork, coordinating communications, and supporting the nursing staff.