An entry-level administrative worker who is in charge of handling secretarial & administrative duties in the HR department is known as an HR Clerk or Human Resources Clerk. To support HR operations, they manage duties like data entry, document management, and personnel record maintenance.

Job Description

To assist our Human Resources department in its daily activities, we are looking for an HR Clerk. Posting job adverts on careers pages, maintaining personnel records, and helping with payroll processing are all part of the duties of an HR Clerk. With this position, you can start your HR career and learn a lot about processes including employee onboarding, training, and compensation. You will be instrumental in improving and optimizing our business’s HR operations, cultivating a happy workplace, and advancing the success of the organization as a whole by joining our team. This is the ideal role for someone who is hungry to change the HR industry.

The following are the responsibilities of an HR Clerk:

  • Posting and maintaining job advertisements on jobs pages
  • Setting up interviews
  • Keeping track of employee leaves such as sick and vacation time

Principal Responsibilities

  • Post job openings and updates on careers pages
  • Set up interviews
  • Preserve records of employee leave, such as sick and vacation days
  • Create spreadsheets for attendance and remuneration each month
  • Screen application materials and resumes
  • Add new hires’ information to internal databases (such as bank account details and contact details)
  • Provide both digital and hard copy training materials; store, scan, and copy corporate policies
  • Respond to inquiries from staff
  • Create ad hoc reports such as those on spending

Qualifications and Abilities

  • Work experience in a junior HR position such as an HR Officer, Clerk, or equivalent
  • Strong familiarity with HR functions, including hiring, onboarding, training, and compensation
  • A basic understanding of labor laws
  • Practical MS Office experience; HRMS knowledge is a plus
  • Strong time-management and organizing abilities
  • Bachelor of Science in Human Resources or a related subject

Commonly Asked Questions

What does an HR Clerk do in the HR division?

HR Clerks help with administrative duties such as processing paperwork, keeping track of employees, and supporting HR procedures.

How can I give the HR Clerk papers pertaining to HR or update my personal information?

Usually, you can accomplish this by contacting the HR Clerk directly or by using approved methods like an HR site.

How quickly do HR Clerks usually respond to questions or requests from employees?

HR Clerks try to reply as soon as possible, usually within a few working days. However, response times can change based on the type of request.

Can HR Clerks help employees understand HR benefits or policies? How can I get this information?

Yes, HR Clerks are informational and frequently distribute employee handbooks or other publications outlining benefits and policies.

How do I get in touch with the HR Clerk to find out about job openings or career prospects inside the company?

For information about open positions, get in touch with the HR Clerk or check the company website and job listings.