An internal recruiter is a member of a company’s staff who finds and hires suitable applicants from within the groups current employees in order to fill job vacancies. They frequently concentrate on developing and maintaining talent.

Job Description

We are seeking an Internal Recruiter to oversee our full-cycle hiring procedures and join our HR department. The duties of an internal recruiter include determining the needs for hiring both now and in the future, posting job openings online, and creating employee referral schemes. Your academic background in HR and practical expertise in candidate finding, interviewing, and evaluation are essential for this post. In the end, you will support us in creating a powerful employer brand and making sure that candidates have a great experience with us.

The following are the responsibilities of an Internal Recruiter:

  • Working together with hiring managers to produce job advertisements for available positions
  • Posting job vacancies on job boards, careers pages, and social media platforms (like LinkedIn)
  • Creating and executing initiatives for employee referrals

Principal Responsibilities

  • Work together with hiring managers to create job advertisements for open positions.
  • Post job vacancies on job boards, careers pages, and social media platforms (like LinkedIn).
  • Create and carry out programs for employee referrals.
  • Find prospects online using resources like portfolio websites and professional networks.
  • Examine applications and resumes and inform candidates about the hiring procedure.
  • Candidates can be interviewed over the phone and in person for first and second-round interviews during the employment process.
  • Inform hiring and HR managers on the current state of available roles.
  • Consider the results of the interview and the assignments while evaluating candidates.
  • Establish the requirements for each role.
  • To anticipate hiring needs, examine retention and turnover rates.
  • For example, revise job descriptions by adding tasks or changing requirements.
  • Respond to questions from candidates on the application procedure.
  • Give interview comments when it is appropriate and necessary.
  • Attend employment fairs to enhance the company’s standing.
  • Aid in bringing on new hires.

Qualifications and Abilities

  • Demonstrated expertise in internal recruiting, recruiting, or a related field.
  • Strong grasp of the entire recruiting process.
  • Expertise with a variety of interview styles (e.g., phone, structured, group).
  • Capacity to set up centers for skill evaluation (e.g., work samples, psychometric and IQ/EQ tests, job simulation activities).
  • Familiarity with resume databases and applicant tracking systems.
  • Strong understanding of labor laws.
  • Strong communication abilities both in writing and speaking.
  • BSc in HR or a related discipline.

Commonly Asked Questions

What function does an organization’s Internal Recruiter perform?

Internal Recruiters prioritize placing current employees in open positions in order to foster internal mobility and progress.

How can I look for internal employment openings within the company?

Usually, the company’s intranet or HR portals provide access to internal job postings.

I want to show my interest in an inside role; may I get in touch with an Internal Recruiter?

Yes, for questions and applications, you can get in touch with the HR department or the Internal Recruiter in advance.

How are Internal Recruiters involved in the normal process of internal promotions and transfers?

Internal Recruiters assist staff members with opportunities for promotion and transfer, which may entail application, evaluation, and interview processes.

How do Internal Recruiters handle internal promotions and job changes while keeping information private?

In order to protect privacy, they place a high priority on data security and secrecy when overseeing internal mobility procedures.