The conventional hiring process can take a lot of time and resources, and companies frequently have to wait days or even weeks to hear back from their evaluations.

However, with the popularity of “Interview as a Service,” companies may now more quickly and effectively identify top personnel. We at InterviewDesk offer a platform that eliminates waiting times and enables companies to evaluate top talent 24/7.

Our skilled interviewers do thorough evaluations round-the-clock, assisting you in finding the ideal candidate for your company more quickly.

The Benefits of Using Interview as a Service

Improved Hiring Process Efficiency and Accuracy:
improve hiring process

The hiring process is more accurate and efficient as a result of employing Interview as a Service, which is one of its key advantages.

You may conduct interviews 24/7 with InterviewDesk, cutting down on the time it takes to receive results. This enables you to locate the ideal fit for your company more quickly and advance the hiring process.

Access to Experienced Interviewers
interview experience

The availability of skilled interviewers is another benefit of employing Interview as a Service.

Experts in their fields, our interviewers at InterviewDesk do both behavioral and technical evaluations to make sure you choose the right person for your company.

You can rely on the accuracy and thoroughness of your assessments given to their training and experience.

Improved Conversion Rate for Top Skillset
Recruitment Services Company

You may increase your conversion rate for top skill sets by using Interview as a Service from InterviewDesk.

With the help of our thorough assessments, you may find the ideal candidate for your company fast and continue the hiring process. This can increase your chances of discovering the best fit for your company while also saving you time and resources.

How InterviewDesk’s Platform Works

Our platform at InterviewDesk is intended to speed up the hiring process and make it easier for you to find top talent.

Our platform allows companies to conduct assessments whenever it’s convenient, that’s 24/7.

To make sure you find the ideal fit for your firm, our skilled interviewers do both behavioral and technical assessments during the interviews.

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Case Study: Improved Hiring Results with Interview as a Service

Interview as a Service has been successful for one company, ABC Inc. ABC Inc. was able to increase the efficiency of its hiring process and the quality of its hires by utilizing the platform provided by InterviewDesk and its qualified interviewers.

With a 20% improvement in the rate of top skillset conversion and a 50% decrease in hiring process time, ABC Inc. was able to concentrate on building its business and acquiring the best personnel for its team.


In today’s very competitive job market, companies must act swiftly and wisely when making hiring selections.

A solution with better efficiency, accessibility to seasoned interviewers, and improved conversion rates for top talent is offered by Interview as a Service through InterviewDesk.

Think about using InterviewDesk for your subsequent hiring procedure and observe the beneficial effects on your hiring results.

With the help of Interview as a Service from InterviewDesk, identify the best skill set for your company. To organize a demo or for additional information, email us at Improve your hiring outcomes by utilizing InterviewDesk.

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