An expanding Fintech startup that is the largest Crypto investing platform in India, it aims to create an ecosystem that would make crypto investment easy. This Fintech company faced issues with hiring; the initial rounds of interviews were time-consuming for their existing coordinating and Interviewer bandwidth.


InterviewDesk has assisted Fintech Companies in various roles ranging from junior to senior, such as Principal Engineer, Lead Engineer, DevOps (DevOps Engineers 1, 2, 3), Backend (SDE 1, 2, 3), Frontend (SDE 1, 2, 3), React, and React Native.

Challenges faced

  1. Like for any startup the main challenge of this Fintech company was their insufficient  coordinating and interviewing bandwidth.
  2. Due to the time constraints, the Fintech company requested that we finish both their LLD and HLD rounds in one hour.
  3. Candidate experience was always at the top of their priority list, but providing a seamless interview process was a challenge, and outsourcing interviews was still a question.
  4. Scaling the Tech team faster was a challenge as each role had almost 200+ applicants.


The Fintech company partnered with InterviewDesk for “Interview as a Service.” Solutions were provided, and their challenges were faced. A separate set of Interviewers and Operations Specialists were allotted for the Fintech company. We aimed to save their time while providing them with the best candidates.


Candidate rating

70 hrs

Saved by 2 in 1 interviews

800 hrs

Engineering hours saved


  1. An exclusive set of Interviewers and Operations Specialists were allotted by the InterviewDesk team for day to day operations. The Interviewers were flexible and extended their support at all occasions. The Candidates were ensured for a seamless interview process.
  2. Quality being the top priority for InterviewDesk, combining 2 rounds in an hour was not acceptable, hence we discussed with the Interviewers and concluded that both the design rounds will be covered in 1 hour 30 minutes without compromising the quality. It was then proposed for Coding + LLD in 1 hour 30 minutes.
  3. Candidate experience was recorded after each interview, where the candidates rated the Interviewers on various aspects. At least 7 out of 10 candidates rated our Interviewers and their interviewing experience a 5 star one.
  4. The 360 degree feedback provided by the InterviewDesk Interviewers were very helpful in further rounds of Interviews and time saving in the overall interview process.


The challenges faced by the Fintech company were met, and proper solutions were provided. We started with a single round of interview but moved on to multiple rounds as the Fintech company felt the partnership with InterviewDesk was efficient.