Businesses are looking for the best talent to help them stay ahead of the competition in today’s fast-paced, technically advanced environment. Finding the proper technical talent, however, may be a challenging endeavor, particularly when the conventional interview process is drawn-out and onerous.

Many businesses are using technology to improve their technical interview process in order to deal with this difficulty.

In this blog article, we’ll look at how InterviewDesk’s “Interview As A Service” (IAAS) is streamlining technical interviews and assisting businesses in rapidly and effectively hiring top talent.

Difficulties with Technical Recruitment

Technical talent is difficult to find. Posting job descriptions online, and waiting for candidates to arrive, followed by phone screenings and in-person interviews, make up the standard hiring process.

Weeks or even months may pass throughout this process, and top talent is frequently lost to rivals. Moreover, technical hiring managers frequently do not have the resources necessary to assess candidates’ technical skills, which results in poor hiring decisions.

Technology’s Role in Technical Hiring

Many businesses are using technology to improve their technical hiring process in order to overcome these difficulties.

Hiring managers may swiftly and effectively analyze candidates’ technical skills and cultural fit by employing technology like coding challenges, skill assessments, and video interviews.

Interview As A Service (IAAS) offered by InterviewDesk is revolutionizing technical hiring. It offers businesses on-demand tech interviews that are tailored to their unique needs.

This enables recruiting managers to assess applicants’ technical skills and abilities swiftly and effectively, saving time and resources while preventing the loss of top talent to rivals.

How On-Demand Tech Interviews at InterviewDesk Operate:

Organizations can select from a variety of technical interview styles with InterviewDesk’s IAAS, including coding challenges, skill assessments, and video interviews.

A collection of pre-made interview questions and assessments for well-known technical abilities like Java, Python, and JavaScript are also available on the platform.

Employing their customized queries and assessments, hiring managers can design personalized interviews that are catered to their particular requirements.

Candidates can be requested to take the assessment once the interview has been prepared, and they can do it whenever it is convenient for them.

The Advantages of On-Demand Tech Interviews with InterviewDesk

Technical recruiting managers can gain from InterviewDesk’s IAAS in a number of ways, including:

  • Customized interviews: Hiring managers are capable of organizing customized interviews that are suited to their particular requirements.
  • Automated evaluation: The platform used by InterviewDesk automates the assessment process to save time and money.
  • On-demand interviewing: Candidates can complete the evaluation whenever they choose, which streamlines the process for both them and the hiring manager.
  • Objective assessment: InterviewDesk’s technology uses an objective evaluation method to lessen biases in the hiring process.
  • Simple integration: The platform from InterviewDesk is simple to incorporate into current applicant tracking systems, resulting in a seamless addition to the hiring process.


Finding top technical talent is crucial to staying ahead of the competition in the competitive job market of today. The typical interview process, however, may be time-consuming and difficult, which can result in the loss of top talent to rivals.

Organizations can streamline their technical hiring process, evaluate candidates quickly and effectively, and prevent top personnel from defecting to rivals by utilizing InterviewDesk’s Interview As A Service (IAAS).

Schedule a demo right away to discover more about the features and services offered by InterviewDesk.

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