Among small and medium-sized enterprises, the idea of “Interview As A Service” (IAAS) has grown in popularity recently. Traditional hiring procedures can be time-consuming and expensive for businesses, especially for those who lack the means to conduct thorough hiring procedures. Here is where IAAS enters the picture as a cutting-edge solution that can aid organizations in streamlining their hiring process. It also has a number of advantages that may make it a desirable choice. We’ll look at the advantages of IAAS for SMEs, including how it can improve the efficiency of their hiring procedures.

What is Interview As A Service (IAAS)?

IAAS is a service model that enables companies to implement end-to-end recruiting solutions, including scheduling, managing, and conducting interviews. It offers a platform where companies may hire seasoned experts with in-depth knowledge of the market for hiring and the sector to handle their recruitment needs.

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The Benefits of IAAS for SMBs

  • Cost-effective: Cost-effectiveness is among the most important advantages of IAAS. It might be expensive for small firms to hire a full-time recruiter in-house or outsource the hiring procedure. Businesses can save time, money, and resources by using IAAS, which provides a cost-effective alternative. Businesses can lower the cost of the hiring process by paying only for the interviews that are held with IAAS.
  • Time-saving: The hiring process can be time-consuming, particularly when companies need to hold many interviews. By outsourcing the interview process to seasoned specialists who can swiftly identify the most suitable candidates, IAAS helps organizations save time. This gives business owners and managers more time so they can concentrate on other crucial areas of their company.
  • Flexibility: IAAS provides a versatile option that may be customized to meet the unique demands of enterprises. Depending on their budget and needs, businesses can decide how many interviews they need and what kind of interviewers they choose. This makes the service flexible and scalable to the demands of the business, allowing it to expand along with it.
  • Expertise: IAAS interviewers are skilled individuals with extensive knowledge of the hiring process. They may offer insightful opinions and suggestions that can aid employers in selecting qualified candidates. IAAS interviewers can help firms locate the best applicants by evaluating them based on their qualifications, experience, and personality qualities.
  • Scalability: IAAS can scale up as a business expands. IAAS can readily meet such requirements as businesses grow and demand more interviews. Similarly, if a business has an unexpected slowdown, it can scale back on the interviews without incurring any more expenses. IAAS is a scalable solution that is capable of altering to meet the changing needs of enterprises.

The Benefits of IAAS for SMBs

How to Use IAAS to Streamline Your Recruitment Process

Choosing the right service provider who meets your company’s objectives is the first step in using IAAS to streamline your hiring procedure. Here are some helpful pointers for using IAAS to speed up your hiring process:

Ways To Streamline Your Hiring Process

  • Recognize the several IAAS service categories: IAAS providers provide a variety of services, including on-demand video interviewing, candidate sourcing, and application tracking systems. Recognize the many service categories before selecting an IAAS provider, then pick the one that most closely matches your company’s needs.
  • Evaluate your recruitment needs: Examine your hiring requirements prior to choosing an IAAS provider. Decide how many interviews you’ll need and the interviewers you’ll need—for example, seasoned HR professionals or subject-matter experts. You can choose an IAAS provider using this information to get the support you need.
  • Pick a dependable IAAS provider: Choose a trustworthy IAAS provider with knowledge of your sector. Check out testimonials and references from other companies that have used their services. Check to see if the IAAS supplier has a reputation for offering top-notch services and employs a staff of qualified experts.
  • Incorporate IAAS into your current hiring procedure: Integrate IAAS into your current hiring procedure to get the most out of it. Make sure you have a clear procedure in place for integrating IAAS into your hiring process and that you train your team on how to use the IAAS products efficiently.
  • Monitor performance: When integrating IAAS into your hiring procedure, keep a frequent eye on its effectiveness. Examine the effectiveness of the IAAS supplier and the caliber of the interviews that were conducted. Use this input to modify your hiring approach and IAAS usage.

You may utilize IAAS to speed up the hiring process and locate qualified individuals for your company by paying attention to these pointers. Small and medium-sized organizations can save money and time on the hiring process by using IAAS, a flexible and cost-effective option, while still finding the top applicants.


IAAS is a scalable, flexible, cost-effective, and time-saving option for small and medium-sized enterprises wishing to automate their hiring procedure. Businesses can save time and money while ensuring they hire the best people for their team by outsourcing the interview process to qualified experts. IAAS might be a desirable alternative for businesses looking to enhance their hiring process because of its many advantages. With the help of Interview As A Service from InterviewDesk, identify the best skill set for your company. To organize a demo or for additional information, email us at Improve your hiring outcomes by utilizing InterviewDesk.

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