The interview-as-a-service platform is a key component of the growing demand for smooth recruitment procedures. Employers feel that using video interviews has enhanced their hiring procedure by nearly 86%. These platforms, which include AI video interviewing, automatic scheduling and extensive candidate assessment capabilities, are designed to make the hiring process as efficient as possible.

We provide to you the top video interviewing resources in this post along with some advice on how to select the best one. Now let’s get started!


What are the key factors to consider while choosing Interview-as-a-Service? 

Let’s examine how to select the finest interview-as-a-service platform for your company before delving into the top 2024 platforms.


Establish Your Needs

Indicate exactly what kinds of interviews you need, as well as what kind of integration, customization, collaboration tools, candidate experience and analytics you need. This facilitates decision-making.

interview-as-a-service platform


Look into Possible Platforms

Look for, get referrals from, and read reviews to find interview-as-a-service platforms that meet your needs.

Consider Features

Examine the design of interviews, their video capabilities, teamwork, integration possibilities, customisation, assistance for candidates, analytics and security. Examine each feature to determine how it can benefit you. Make sure their service includes AI-integrated features.

User Experience Testing

To understand user-friendliness for your team and candidates, request demos. Be sure to give it a try before deciding to commit.

Cost and Expandability

To fit your budget and growth goals, take into account the pricing and scalability of the platform. It is not desirable to continually swap platforms. Your final decision must align with your long-term objectives.

Industry Expertise


User Input

Get opinions on the platform’s usability from candidates and team members.

Examine and Make a Decision

To make an informed decision based on data and feedback from stakeholders, create a comparison chart. Examine the top platforms listed below and make your own decision.

The Top 5 Finest Platforms for Interview-as-a-Service in 2024

It is evident that about forty-three percent of businesses intend to use more video interviews in the upcoming year. Here, selecting the best interview-as-a-service platform will pay off because of the many benefits it offers. Now let’s examine the top companies offering interview-as-a-service to help you advance your hiring.


On our list, InterviewDesk stands at the first. With its cutting-edge features, this top-notch interview-as-a-service platform that’s revolutionizing hiring! With its user-friendly interface and innovative features like AI video interviews and customizable workflows, InterviewDesk streamlines candidate assessments and enables data-driven hiring decisions. Plus, with detailed 360-degree feedback and integration capabilities, it leads the HR tech industry. Choose InterviewDesk for a seamless and efficient recruitment experience.

Vector Interview

Interview Vector is the following platform that offers interviews as a service on our list. It handles a number of interview-related tasks to save you time, from scheduling interviews to evaluating them.

Additionally, they facilitate recruiters’ hiring of top talent by providing technical interviews on demand and enhanced proctoring screens. But unlike InCruiter, they don’t provide non-tech employment assistance. Additionally, Interview Vector is primarily focused on the interview procedure and assists with activities linked to interviews and video interviews.


BarRaiser comes in third place on our list of the top platforms for interview-as-a-service. It facilitates more intelligent interviewing, interview coaching, and much more. To streamline the process, it is simple to link with your current HR systems.

With a few clicks, BarRaiser also employs AI recommendations to complete the feedback. Its lack of additional AI-driven capabilities, meanwhile, may let some users down a little.


eTeki is a well-known provider of interviews as a service that links employers seeking technical talent with a worldwide network of subject matter experts. They interview technical candidates for companies. These knowledgeable interviewers evaluate candidates’ technical skills and assist you in reaching the best choice. You might not find what you’re searching for here, though, if you’re seeking for a non-technical applicant or AI features to speed up your hiring process.


Now, let’s talk about Incruiter. While they do offer on-demand tech interviews and collaborate with your team to understand your needs, they lack the advanced AI features that InterviewDesk provides. Additionally, Incruiter has faced issues with interviewer no-shows, which can disrupt the hiring process.


The Correct Platform for Interviews-as-a-Service Can Make A Big Impact!

The top interview-as-a-service platforms for 2024 are now known to you, and they will only get better with time. AI in hiring has been shown to save hiring expenses by 75% and hiring time by up to 23 hours. Because of this, choosing the appropriate platform, such as InterviewDesk, can have a big influence on your hiring procedures. Whether you give video interviews, candidate assessments or integrations top priority, making the proper decision will significantly improve the caliber of your workforce and the effectiveness of your hiring process. Make an informed choice because it counts.



What are the two classifications of virtual interviews?

One-way and live interviews are the two primary forms of virtual interviews. In a one-way interview, the candidate has a deadline to react to a series of pre-recorded questions. Live interviews, on the other hand, are virtual face-to-face conversations.

What kind of interview is the most common?

Face-to-face personal interviews with prospective candidates are the most common kind of interviews.

What is Interview-as-a-service?

A platform which does “interview-as-a-service” provides a plethora of tools to facilitate conducting interviews. In order to improve the hiring process, it usually has capabilities for scheduling interviews, managing in-person or video interviews, collaboration and analytics.

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