Choosing the ideal candidate for a position is one of the most important decisions a business can make. Conventional methods of hiring, such as resume reviews and in-person interviews, typically fall short of providing a complete picture of a candidate’s abilities, personality, and organizational fit.

This is a situation where InterviewDesk’s 360-degree feedback tool is beneficial. Our 360-degree feedback provides a comprehensive report on each interviewee, replete with a synopsis, candidate scoreboard, recorded video of the interview, and their code. This article will describe 360-degree feedback, discuss its benefits, and detail how it can expedite the recruiting process and empower you to make better decisions.

360-degree feedback: What is it?

A comprehensive feedback report, called “360-degree feedback,” assesses an applicant’s skills, performance, and organizational fit. Recruiters, hiring managers, colleagues, and even the candidate themselves are considered in this thorough approach to candidate evaluation.

candidate 360-degree feedback

At InterviewDesk, our 360-degree feedback provides a detailed assessment of the candidate’s skills, strengths, and development opportunities. The candidate’s performance in the interview is taken into account when calculating their score on the candidate scoreboard. The report also includes a video recording of the interview and its code, giving readers a comprehensive picture of the applicant’s qualifications.

Benefits of 360-degree Feedback

The benefits of 360-degree feedback for corporations include the following:

  • Unbiased Hiring: 360-degree feedback, which takes into account feedback from several sources, provides a more unbiased and objective way of assessing candidates.
  • Hire More Quickly: 360-degree feedback makes the hiring process easier by providing a quick way to evaluate candidates and make hiring decisions.
  • Better Hiring Decisions: Employers may make better recruiting decisions because to 360-degree feedback, which provides a more full picture of a candidate’s abilities and fit with the organization.
  • Better Candidate Experience: Candidates that receive 360-degree feedback receive meaningful input on their performance and growth areas, which helps them develop and hone their talents.

benefits of 360-degree feedback for corporations

Utilizing 360-degree feedback

Using the 360-degree feedback from InterviewDesk is as follows:

  • Conduct Interviews: Interview candidates using the live interviewing technology offered by InterviewDesk.
  • Get Feedback: Ask for input from the applicant, hiring managers, coworkers, and recruiters, among other people.
  • Generate Feedback: Build a 360-degree feedback report using the InterviewDesk platform, which includes a detailed summary, candidate scorecard, recorded interview video, and the interviewee’s code.
  • Assessment of Results: In order to make data-driven hiring decisions, consider the findings and utilize the comments.

Utilizing 360-degree feedback


By effectively evaluating prospects, recruiting decisions may be made more promptly, objectively, and intelligently with the aid of InterviewDesk’s 360-degree feedback. By taking into account input from many sources, organizations can gain a deeper knowledge of a candidate’s talents and fit with the organization.

Also, 360-degree feedback gives applicants illuminating feedback on their performance and growth areas, supporting them in developing and bolstering their skills. We advise companies to use InterviewDesk’s 360-degree feedback tool to see for themselves the benefits of a full feedback report.

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