In today’s atmosphere of rapid change and global connectivity, interviewing can be difficult. In-person interviews, one of the most popular traditional hiring methods, can be time-consuming and expensive, especially when working with remote candidates.
That’s where InterviewDesk’s virtual interview platform comes in. With our technology, you can conduct live interviews anywhere in the world with a better candidate experience, one-on-one or panel interviews, and more.
This blog article describes the benefits of our virtual interview platform and how it can simplify the hiring process.

What is the virtual interview platform used by InterviewDesk?
What is the virtual interview platform from InterviewDesk

InterviewDesk’s virtual interview platform, a video interviewing tool, lets you conduct live interviews with candidates from anywhere in the world. Our technology evaluates applicants beyond their resumes and provides a fast and effective method for one-on-one or panel interviews.

In addition, our platform provides a comprehensive and user-friendly interview experience with recorded sessions, chat facilities, around-the-clock support, and customizable feedback reports.

Advantages of the Virtual Interview Platform from InterviewDesk

The following advantages are provided by InterviewDesk’s virtual interviewing platform for businesses:

advantages are provided by InterviewDesk’s virtual interviewing platform for businesses

  • One-on-One Video Interview: With our platform, you may hold in-depth, one-on-one discussions via face-to-face video interviews with candidates.
  • Multiple-panel discussion: With our platform, you can even have panels with many interviewers, giving you the chance to assess applicants from various angles.
  • Recorded Interview session: For your convenience, you can review and assess candidates using the transcripts of all interviews that took place on our platform.
  • Chat features: Our platform provides a chat tool that enables you to communicate with candidates while conducting interviews, resulting in a comfortable interview setting.
  • 24/7 customer Support: You may obtain technical assistance and customer care on our platform anytime you need them with our platform’s 24/7 support.
  • Customized Feedback Report: Our platform’s specialized feedback reports enable you to assess applicants in light of predetermined standards and make informed recruiting choices.

How to use InterviewDesk’s virtual interview platform:

How to utilize interviewdesk virtual interview platform for interview

  1. Register:Establish an account by registering for the virtual interview platform offered by InterviewDesk.
  2. Interview Scheduling:The website’s scheduling capabilities can be used to set up an interview with the applicant.
  3. Conduct Interviews: You can choose between individual and panel interviews.
  4. Reviewing the records: You can select to revisit interview recordings at any moment using the platform’s Recorded Sessions function.
  5. Evaluation of Candidates: Based on unique feedback reports, assess candidates’ performance during the interview.

Final Thoughts:

InterviewDesk’s virtual interview platform enables live interviews anywhere in the world with an enhanced candidate experience, one-on-one or group interviews, recorded sessions, a chat feature, 24/7 support and customized feedback reports.

It offers a practical and efficient way to implement. Our technology enables companies to accelerate the hiring process, evaluate applicants beyond their credentials, and make data-driven hiring decisions. To take full advantage of video interviews, we encourage companies to try InterviewDesk’s virtual interview platform.

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