Conventional technical interviews can be difficult and time-consuming for both candidates and recruiters. These evaluations, which might range from answering challenging programming questions to solving theoretical problems on a whiteboard, frequently fall short of giving a true picture of a candidate’s technical proficiency.

But what if there was a way to conduct technical interviews that gave candidates immediate feedback and more accurately reflected real-world scenarios?

Collaboration with coding comes into play here.

With the use of code collaboration, recruiters can instantly analyze a candidate’s technical proficiency, giving them immediate feedback and quickening the hiring process. Our Code Collaboration option at InterviewDesk accelerates the hiring procedure and offers a quick and accurate approach to assessing technical candidates.

Code Collaboration: What is it?

To give recruiters a more realistic picture of an applicant’s technical skills, Code Collaboration is a live assessment process that simulates real-world circumstances. Code Collaboration evaluates applicants’ talents by having them work on a live coding task that simulates the work they’d do in the targeted position, as opposed to typical technical interviews that focus on theoretical problem solving.

Using InterviewDesk’s code collaboration feature, recruiters can organize live coding tests and communicate with candidates in real time. Assessment settings, such as the type of coding challenge, time limit, and programming language, can be specified by recruiters. Then, candidates can collaborate to complete the assessment while receiving instant comments and guidance from recruiters.

Benefits of Code Collaboration

Benefits of Code Collaboration

For both recruiters and candidates, code collaboration has a number of advantages, including:

  • Improved Candidate Experience: Code collaboration offers a more participatory and engaging assessment procedure, enhancing the candidate experience and enabling candidates to demonstrate their technical proficiency in a real-world setting.
  • Efficient and Effective: Code collaboration simplifies the hiring process and offers a quick and accurate approach to assessing technical prospects.
  • Team Assessment: Using code collaboration, recruiters may collaborate with candidates in real-time and assess their capacity for interpersonal interaction and teamwork.

Implementing Code Collaboration

Implementing Code Collaboration

Here is how to use the InterviewDesk functionality for code collaboration:

  • Establish the assessment: The settings for the exam, such as the type of coding challenge, time limit, and programming language, can be determined by recruiters.
  • Invite Candidates: Recruiters can send out invitations to candidates, giving them the link and access code needed to begin the examination.
  • Real-time Collaboration: As soon as the assessment process is underway, recruiters may communicate with applicants in real-time, giving them immediate feedback and direction.
  • Evaluate Results: Recruiters can use the insights from the exam to evaluate the findings after the assessment and make data-driven recruiting decisions.


The future of technical interviews is code collaboration, since it offers a more accurate and interesting approach to evaluating a candidate’s technical skills. Recruiters can speed up the hiring process while evaluating technical applicants quickly and effectively.

Recruiters can improve applicant experiences and hiring choices by collaborating with code.

We encourage recruiters to use InterviewDesk’s Code Collaboration function so they may personally experience the advantages of live coding assessments.

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