The companies want to hire top talent from around the world, and the interviews are conducted remotely with effective interviewing products with video call and recording, code editor/compiler and collaboration, and chat features to fill up the open positions.

Usual Scenario

In general, when the recruiters schedule interviews, they send invitations to the candidates and the interviewers for video interviews. The interview is conducted through a video call; once the candidates and interviewers join via invites, a chat feature is available along with the video call feature to ask questions to the candidates and share links during interviews.

Interviewers use a separate code collaborator to assess the technical skills of the candidates, and the link to the code collaborator is shared with the candidate by the interviewer in the chat. After the interview, the interviewer will copy the code from the collaboration tool and paste it into the feedback manually.

Interview sessions will be recorded, and the link to the recording must be manually pasted into the feedback report so that stakeholders can watch the recording later to verify the candidates’ interview feedback. There are manual operations involved because of the multiple disconnected tools.

Now it’s new

Be it remote interviews, One-on-one interviews or panel interviews – With our InterviewDesk Video Interviewing platform, you can solve your problems in interviewing candidates with a single product for Video Calling, Chat, Code Editor/Compiler and Collaboration along with Video recording feature.

Video Interviewing platform

Video Interviews

InterviewDesk’s Video Interviewing feature has high-quality video and audio capabilities that provide a seamless and engaging interview experience and make it easy to conduct online interviews from anywhere. The candidate can share the screen and write code and explain code. The interviewer can monitor the activity in real time using the screen share to avoid malpractice.

Once the interviews are scheduled by our Auto-Scheduler, it then creates the interview session which contains both code editor/compiler & collab and video & chat communication capabilities.

In the InterviewDesk Video Interviewing tool, there are separate private secured links for candidates and interviewers (with more controls) to join the interview. This aids in high-level security with no malfunctions as separate links are available.

Before starting the interview, the audio and video permissions and qualities are checked first in order to avoid disruptions during the interview process.

Code Editor/Compiler/Collab

Interviewers can now use the in-built code editor/compiler and collaboration to assess the technical skills of the candidates. The real time code collaboration is essential for technical interviews which help interviewers to easily monitor and assess.

With the InterviewDesk Code Editor/Compiler/Collab feature, it’s easy to use code collaboration that has the ability to write, edit, run and debug code snippets within the interview desk platform itself so that the candidate’s code can be easily tested during the interview, and coding tests can be performed in many programming languages.

The code collab link with code saved from the interview session will be added automatically to the feedback report. The feedback report will be shared with the stakeholders to review to make data-driven decisions.

There are certain companies that will not allow compilation and ask for simple editors. Our Editor is configurable for such requirements.

Online code-editor


The chat feature available along with the video call enhances the real-time conversation between the interviewer and the candidates to resolve and manage any video or voice disruptions, which makes them less nervous, improving the candidate experience.

Video Recording

Video recording of the interview can be done so that the stakeholders can verify the feedback of the candidates later easily. The recording includes the screenshare also.

Usually the interviews are recorded by recruiters or co-ordinators, but with the InterviewDesk Video Interviewing feature, the interviewers are given controls to record the videos. In some failure scenarios, the Interview Desk coordinators can help in recording the interview.

The Video recording can be configurable to record the video from the beginning of the session automatically. We have not enabled the auto-recording to avoid privacy concerns from companies and candidates.

The Advantages of Using InterviewDesk Video Interviewing Feature:

  1. A single platform for video call & recording, screen share, code editor/compiler & collab, and chat reduces the hassles of using separate tools for each. No more copy pasting the recording link and code collab link in the feedback report.
  2. It is candidate-friendly because it is simple to join the interview with a single click.
  3. Separate secured private links for both candidates and interviewers were shared via the invite for the interview. Separate links ensure security and no malfunctioning.
  4. Ensures a seamless interview experience.
  5. Recorded Videos and Saved Code will help Hiring managers to make a Data-driven decision for hiring the top talent.
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