This is an upcoming neo bank, it is a digital banking app that offers smart insights based on your spending, and provides features to make sense of your finances. It was founded in the year 2019 with its headquarters in Mumbai, India.  This company is identified as an emerging unicorn of India.


We supported this Neo banking startup with multiple technical roles from entry level till senior levels such as Backend (SDE 1,2,3), Frontend Web, DevOps (Junior, Senior), Data Engineer, Machine Learning, Platform Engineer.

Challenges faced

  1. This Neo banking company faced challenges with fake profiles of the candidates wasting their Interviewers time, affecting their overall performance.
  2. They received a lot of last minute availability and scheduling the interview was a big challenge as their Interviewers calendars were blocked.
  3. Multiple point of contacts led to a lot of confusion while coordinating the interviews internally, as the Interviewers were limited but the demand was high.


InterviewDesk helped this neo-banking startup with scheduling the interviews and supporting them with our expert Interviewers, we helped them with providing quality candidates for further rounds of interviews, thus saving 970+ engineering hours in a month.

970+ hrs

Engineering hours saved

Less time

More interviews


Fake candidatures


  1. The Interviewers from InterviewDesk observe the candidates keenly during the interview, if the candidate is found to be a proxy it is informed to the respective contact person and necessary action is taken.
  2. The Interviewers from InterviewDesk are flexible so scheduling last minute interviews is never a challenge with InterviewDesk.
  3. We worked with multiple point of contacts from the Company’s side, coordinating and scheduling interviews were done by the coordinators of InterviewDesk, all the candidates were interviewed on the given slot because of the huge expert community InterviewDesk holds.


The proxy profiles were found and only the good candidates were shortlisted for further rounds, this helped the company save around 60+ engineering hours from the fake candidates. The hiring process was simple and quick as feedback was shared immediately. The Interviewers from InterviewDesk helped the candidates have good interviewing experience at their given slot.