This is a digital health company belonging to the healthcare sector, started in the year 2015. It is headquartered in the USA and a unicorn in the making.


InterviewDesk has worked with this  healthcare company for more than one round. All the rounds other than Culture fit, were taken care of. InterviewDesk took various rounds of Interviews for this healthcare company such as DSA, coding, Design  (LLD, HLD). Only the final round was taken by the client.

Challenges faced

  1. The company wanted to expand in the Indian market, so setting the best Engineering team was a great challenge.
  2. The time taken to form an Engineering team could take months as the interview is a time consuming process.
  3. Response from the candidate needs to be positive while entering a new market.


This healthcare company partnered with InterviewDesk at their initial stage in India. The time constraint the Company was facing needed to be solved, they wanted InterviewDesk to finish all the rounds of interviews.

<3 months

Engineering team

400+ hrs

Engineering hours saved

A to Y

Rounds of interview covered


  1. InterviewDesk coordinated the interview from this healthcare company throughout their Interview process. InterviewDesk helped the Company close all the positions.
  2. 400+ successful interviews across various rounds were completed and the entire Engineering team was built in less than 3 months.
  3. The response from the client and the candidates were positive and kept us motivated to work more.


InterviewDesk and this healthcare company grew over the years thus accomplishing the concept of “Growing together”. The hectic task of building a team was made easy with InterviewDesk for this healthcare company.