This Fintech company was founded in 2015, it is India’s largest digital lending fintech platform, present in over 60+ cities. It is an emerging unicorn, holding around Rs200 M investment.

This is one of our oldest clients, their hiring pattern is mass hiring, huge number of interviews on the weekends was a huge challenge in the traditional hiring. Trusting an external source is a question for all, but they were still ready to try InterviewDesk.

Roles Covered

Throughout our Journey with the Fintech Company we are covering a vast range of roles on various technologies such as Backend SDE (2,3), UI, Android SDE 2, QAE(1,2,3), SDET 2.

Apart from just regular interviews we have helped this Fintech company with  Campus hiring as well.

Challenges faced

  1. Huge candidature for weekend interviews was a big challenge faced by the Fintech company.
  2. Campus hiring seemed hectic and it was a huge challenge to match the candidates slot with that of the Panels.
  3. Sometimes it was hard to source huge profiles in a short period of time.
  4. Traditional hiring contains a lot of challenges for the candidates and the Company.


This Fintech Company associated with InterviewDesk for the various challenges that were faced in Traditional interviewing. Each challenge was evaluated and a proper solution was provided by InterviewDesk. Starting with just a single role, we moved to helping them in multiple roles. Campus hiring and Virtual Drive models were introduced to the Fintech Company by InterviewDesk.

600 hrs

Saved using drive model


Campus interviews

2 years

Growing together


  1. Drive model was introduced to the Client, where a set of Interviewers slots were blocked for the entire day and back to back interviews were scheduled. This helped with minimizing the last minute cancellations as the Interviewer was available at the given time and the candidate did not have to make any compromises. 
  2. Campus hiring was a serious challenge that this Fintech Company faced as the interviews were scheduled anytime between 5pm to 10pm, InterviewDesk helped them to overcome this challenge, as our Interviewers were flexible with the availability and sometimes the sessions extended till 1am in the morning. The support provided by the Interviewers was immense as it helped the Company to have a smooth Interview process. 
  3. We extended our service from Interview as a Service to even helping them source the right candidates, in a short time. 
  4. For this Fintech Company we have had weekly debriefing sessions with the client, and exclusively for this client we had our Interviewers to stay in the meeting to understand the client and exchange of opinions were welcomed, this helped the clients to work on certain issues and allowed us to keep track of the service.


At InterviewDesk we serve our clients with utmost respect and care, solving their challenges is our top priority. We helped this Fintech in all aspects and have had a positive response. Client Satisfaction has always been positive and our journey with this Fintech Company was filled with learning and serving.