This is a Fintech Company founded in the year 2013 is headquartered in Bengaluru, India with a funding of $23 M. The Company planned on expanding their Engineering Team without affecting the efficiency of current leads.


The roles that InterviewDesk covered are Frontend (SDE 1,2,3), Backend, Android, iOS, SDET. We have completed more than 300 interviews in a month across all roles.

Challenges faced

  1. Interview is a time consuming process, while planning to expand the engineering team this Fintech company did not want to affect the efficiency and time of its existing leads while it planned to close the positions early.
  2. The cost per hire seemed high, as their engineering hours were affected as well.


This Fintech company seeked help from InterviewDesk for managing interviews and to reduce their cost per hire ratio. InterviewDesk associated with this Fintech to help them save their Engineering hours and the cost per hire.


Engineering hours saved


Cost per hire reduced


Candidate withdrawal


  1. A set of interviewers were allotted for the Company and the requirement was explained to the Interviewers and the Operations Specialist from InterviewDesk helped in managing and coordinating the interviews.
  2. By associating with InterviewDesk this Fintech company closed positions with less cost per hire by saving 60% of the Engineering hours for the company. Cost per hire is comparatively low compared to cost.


InterviewDesk solved their challenges and helped the company to cut their cost per hire and save the engineering hours of their employees. This helped them to work efficiently while expanding their team without compromising their working hours.