The Fintech Company is headquartered in Chennai, founded in the year 2020. It is spread across 17 countries, providing services such as Digital banking, API banking, Internet banking etc. Being a mass hiring company, this fintech company reached InterviewDesk seeking Interview as a Service. Their Interviewer bandwidth was insufficient and conducting interviews in the drive model was a challenge.


InterviewDesk has supported this Fintech for the following roles and have helped them close the positions faster Spring, Hibernate and Web services.

Challenges faced

  1. Insufficient Interviewer bandwidth for conducting interviews flexibly. Matching the candidate and Interviewers slots was not easy.
  2. The Company was facing a lot of proxy candidates and they needed to be identified in the initial rounds as this leads to wasting a lot of time for the Interviewers in further stages.
  3. Tracking the candidate and their feedback was not maintained properly.


InterviewDesk helped this Fintech company to structure their drives and provided them with standard Interviewers. As the Interviewers from InterviewDesk are keen and observe sharply during the interview and all the observations are noted and shared with the Company.

600+ hrs

Saved using drive model

600+ hrs

Engineering hours saved

360° feedback

Candidate analysis


  1. The Drive mode of interviews generally requires the Interviewers to take back to back interviews. Our Interviewers can take back to back interviews with minimal breaks and are flexible to work with. Matching the slots with candidates is easy.
  2. The Interviewers of InterviewDesk assess and observe the candidates and Eagle’s eye report is provided to evaluate the candidate in the further rounds. The coordinator from InterviewDesk will stay in the interview and when a proxy candidate is identified it will be intimated to the Company and necessary action will be taken.
  3. The Drive model followed by the client made it hard to follow up on the candidates, so InterviewDesk helped the Fintech Company to structure and organize the drive by tracking the candidature and the feedback received from the Interviewers. All the details are neatly maintained in the system, and the feedback is shared.


Organizing and standardizing the process, while providing them with the proper Interviewers has been of great help for this Fintech company. Working with the company closely and helping them complete around 400+ interviews for both Weekend drives and regular interviews has been great for InterviewDesk.