This is an E-Commerce company based in Bangladesh, it is a leading full-stack B2B commerce platform for small businesses (online and offline). We provide easy access to B2B sourcing, last-mile logistics, digital credit and business management solutions to small businesses. 


These roles were covered by InterviewDesk for the company Frontend technology, Quality Assurance, Backend. Majorly focusing on Frontend and QA.

Challenges faced

Managing interviews along with their task became a nightmare. Sometimes it was hard for our panels to share the feedback of the candidate on the coding and technical knowledge due to their tight schedules and the interview process took days to complete. The candidates were questioned on all areas in each round, as detailed feedback was not shared by their Interviewers.


InterviewDesk has worked majorly on frontend and QA roles, helping them close multiple positions at the same time. Feedback fast tracking mechanism helped the client in completing the interview process faster.


Interviews taken

5 mins

Verbal feedback within

<12 hrs

Interviews completed


  1. The detailed analysis provided by the Interviewers of InterviewDesk helped the team in assessing the candidates on various skills based on their requirement thus allowing them to streamline the interview process. The candidates were not questioned on the same topics as the outline for further rounds will be shared by the Interviewers and this ensured the candidates experience to be positive.
  2. Fast track feedback helped the Company to schedule the further rounds early, helping the company close the positions faster than expected. We have completed 150+ interviews for this e-commerce company while closing multiple positions for both the roles.


Anonymity of InterviewDesk was maintained while servicing this e-commerce client. Quick feedback was shared and last minute interviews were arranged. Interviews were conducted flexibly yet organized.