Any company’s hiring procedure is an essential component, and how it is handled can have a significant effect on the results. Traditional one-on-one interviews and interview panels are the two methods available to employers when conducting standard interviews.

Despite the advantages and disadvantages of each approach, companies can gain a lot by combining the two with Interview as a Service from InterviewDesk.

Traditional One-on-One Interviews

Traditional one-on-one interviews are a tried-and-true technique for assessing potential applicants. In these interviews, a single interviewer poses questions and assesses the candidates’ answers.

This approach is easy, and uncomplicated, and enables a more personal interaction between the interviewer and the candidate.

However, the amount of data acquired on the applicant may be constrained and time-consuming.

Interviewing Panels

candidates’ responses in interview panels.

Multiple interviewers pose questions and assess the candidates’ responses in interview panels.

This approach enables a wider range of viewpoints and a more thorough assessment of the candidate’s skills and abilities. It may also make the candidate feel intimidated and lengthen the group interview process.

The advantages of Interview as a Service

advantages of Interview as a service

Companies get the best of both worlds with Interview as a Service from InterviewDesk. Our skilled interviewers and user-friendly platform make it possible to evaluate candidates more thoroughly and efficiently.

Get thorough assessments 24/7 for quicker insights into top talent and a higher conversion rate of elite skill sets.

How InterviewDesk’s Efficient Platform Works

How InterviewDesk’s Platform Works

With its intuitive layout and 24/7 availability, the InterviewDesk platform accelerates the hiring process. Our skilled interviewers will assist you in scheduling assessments, receiving results, and making knowledgeable hiring decisions.

Our platform offers a range of evaluations, including behavioral and technical interviews, to make sure that businesses are recruiting the perfect fit for their firm.

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Case Study: Improved Hiring Results with Interview as a Service

Interview as a Service has been successful for one company, ABC Inc. ABC Inc. was able to increase the efficiency of its hiring process and the quality of its hires by utilizing the platform provided by InterviewDesk and its qualified interviewers.

With a 20% improvement in the rate of top skillset conversion and a 50% decrease in hiring process time, ABC Inc. was able to concentrate on building its business and acquiring the best personnel for its team.


Companies can either use traditional one-on-one interviews or interview panels when it comes to conducting a panel interview.

Companies can have the best of both worlds with Interview as a Service from InterviewDesk, though, as it increases efficiency, gives them access to seasoned interviewers, and increases the likelihood that top candidates will be hired.

Think about using InterviewDesk for your subsequent hiring procedure and observe the beneficial effects on your hiring results. Utilize InterviewDesk’s Interview as a Service to identify the best skill set for your company.

For further information or to arrange a demo, get in touch with us at Improve your hiring results with the aid of InterviewDesk.

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