The recent global pandemic has caused a fundamental shift in how businesses operate, leading many of them to choose a hybrid work structure. Since traditional in-person interviews may no longer be practical and remote interviews may not provide a thorough review of a candidate’s appropriateness, this paradigm change has created difficulties in conducting interviews. The use of an interviewing panel in such circumstances might be crucial for simplifying the hiring process.

What is Interviewer Panel?

An interviewing panel is a team of people who work together to evaluate a candidate’s suitability for a position. This method has several advantages, especially in a hybrid work environment where remote interviews are now commonplace.

Succeed in a Panel Interview

Benefits of a panel interview:

  • Enhanced Assessment Accuracy: A panel of interviewers can offer a more thorough assessment of a candidate’s skills, experiences, and suitability for the position. The likelihood of a more accurate evaluation is increased when several people are present to evaluate a candidate.
  • Increased Objectivity: By using many evaluators, subjectivity, and biases are reduced, resulting in a more unbiased evaluation of the candidate.
  • Increased Collaboration: Collaboration is increased when an interviewing panel is used, which enhances teamwork and communication and enhances the effectiveness of the hiring process.
  • Better Candidate Experience: Because candidates will engage with several team members, a well-run interviewing panel can provide a better candidate experience. Even if they do not end up being hired, this could promote better relationships between the candidate and the company.

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Example scenario:

A tech company is looking to hire a senior software developer. A panel of interviewers can be used by the Talent Acquisition Team, the CEO, the CTO, and the VP of Engineering to evaluate the candidate’s technical aptitude and cultural fit. HR can schedule interviews with the InterviewDesk auto-scheduler and the InterviewDesk panel of interviewers can take turns during the interview asking questions, assessing the candidate’s responses, and taking notes in real time. Following the interview, the team can use InterviewDesk’s tool for gathering feedback to express their ideas and opinions, ensuring a thorough evaluation of the candidate.

How to Use InterviewDesk for Your Interviewing Panel:

InterviewDesk is a powerful platform that simplifies the interviewing panel procedure in a hybrid work environment. InterviewDesk makes it simple for numerous team members to take part in the interview process, regardless of their location, with features like scheduling, real-time collaboration, and feedback gathering.


There are several benefits to using an interviewing panel in a hybrid workplace, including improved assessment accuracy, higher objectivity, increased collaboration, and a better candidate experience. InterviewDesk makes it easier than ever to conduct a successful panel interview, making it a crucial tool for recruiters and talent acquisition teams.

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